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The Perfect School

Designed by: Carrie, Courtney, Lauren and Shannon

Lauren Crawford

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of The Perfect School

The Perfect School BAYSIDE SECONDARY SCHOOL AS As a group, we have decided that our school could use some improvement. In order to get an idea as to what needs to be improved, a survey was issued to ten students.
From this reasearch, we have concluded that : An open concept school is not ideal for students, more athletic facilities to accomodate the student population, more fields trips and activities would increase student interest in education, bathrooms need improvement, and gym class should become a compulsary credit for every year in order to discourage obesity. Survey Questions:

1. What do you think about an open concept school?

2. Do you think Bayside Secondary School has enough athletic facilities to accommodate the student population?

3. Do you think more field trips/activities would enhance student learning?

4. Do you feel Bayside bathrooms meet sanitation and privacy standards for society?

5. Should gym class become a compulsory credit for every year in order to discourage obesity? Time Scheduale Period 1@9:10-10:10
Period 2@10:15-11:15
Period 3@11:20-12:20
Period 4@12:25-1:25
Period 5@1:30-2:30
Period 6@2:35-3:35 In order to perfect our school, we believe that adding activities and resources is very important. This will not only enhance student learning, but it will brighten the educational experience for all. *continue to have MSIP
*no 10min break, instead
5min between each class
*school starts and ends
*keep two lunches periods
*keep one hour classes
*still two months of summer,
March break, and Christmas
Holidays The Running of Our School A school nurse will work during all school hours, every day, she will also attend sporting events that occur on campus
Sniffer dogs will be taken through the school at random with the help of a security guard every day. This will decrease the vast amount of drug trafficing among the student population
Field trips will occur monthly rather than anually, resulting in a more lively and interactive learning schedule
The parking lot will be paved outside and students are required to park in their designated spot to avoid accidents
A shuttle bus will be provided daily at lunch, with a fee of $2 per person to cover the costs, this way students have more oppourtunity to go outside and have lunch off campus to reduce the congestion within the school.
Grade 12 art students will create more wall murals as a part of their culminating assignment, this will also make the school a more lively environment
More sport buyouts will occur to encourage the purchasing of spirit wear as well as encouraging school activities
More sets of bleachers will be added to the sports field sidelines so more spectators may be seated during events
A "quiet room" will be created as an alternative for the library for strictly silent work and studing "ATM" late machine (use card to sign in at the door).
Cards to get into class (similar to hotel rooms, all staff and students have an individualized card to get into classes).
Parents teacher night is mandatory as well as one teacher-parent phone call to stay more updated with how their child is doing in classes.
Same Code of Conduct as we have now (Eg late slips=detention, suspension and expulsion may be used, etc)
Cards are to be work around the neck for security purposes . Is school an effective social institution?

We think that yes, school is an effective social institution. For the reasons that school is very important for the learning process in children. It prepares them for adult life by teaching them basic skills to decide on careers, good work ethic, and gives them a chance to socialize. These are all necessary for succeeding in adult life. The school institution works together for the same goal, providing students with education and the chance to succeed. Like most social institutions, it benefits society as a whole. In addition, a few courses are going to be added to our ciriculum to enhance the student experience.
A driving course will be provided to all students who have turned 16. This course will be free but the final driving test will be available for a reduced price.
A personal finance class will become available in order to assit students in sorting their finances out before they enter the workforce or head off to post secondary schooling
A gym class will be a manditory credential for all students, for every grade,every year of high schhol. Bayside Seconday school can be modified to meet more aspects of our school with some minor changes.This could be done by simply providing a suggestion box for students to give their input. By making student council easier to join, more students could get involved and provide their useful ideas. Students in each class should be able to put suggestions in for possible activities/trips to help enhance the learning in that particular class. Teachers would be more willing to help, and a program would be set up where at least one teacher in each department would have a spare or break on each period so students could get help more easily. On each lunch there would be a gym monitor so students can enjoy the use of the athletic facilities. Finally each month students and teachers who feel there is conflict or a problem they want to address would get together and meet to voice their opinions/ideas for improvement. By: Lauren, Carrie, Shannon, and Courtney Survey Results
6 out of 10 people disliked open concept
9 of 10 disagreed that we don't have enough athletic facilities
10 of 10 agreed we need more field trips
9 of 10 disagreed that bathrooms are up to sanitation standard
9 of 10 agreed gym class should be compulsary every year
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