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Jordan Rakach

on 22 June 2016

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Transcript of WHAT IS SHAVUOT?

The story of Ruth shows a journey of a Princess who's husband died and her mother-in-law is left alone with no family so she decides to go back where she came from, Ruth left her live to look after her. When they arrived Ruth cleaned up the house and went to collect crops. She married the owner of where she got the crops and lived a happy life after that. This story shows us courage
Matan torah was both an amazing and scary experience for bnei Israel. The whole world froze, all except Har sinai. It was full of wonder and beauty, thunder bolts came down from heaven. The roaring sound was deafening. We all came together to collect what made us a nation, the torah.
Shavuot is when the Jewish people received the Torah, this was given to us by G-D. We collected the Torah from Har Sinai, mount Sinai. After waiting 7 weeks from the second night of Passover, when we left Egypt after years of slavery, until Shavuot. During this time we count all the 49 days, this is called the counting of the Omer.
During Shavuot we read the story of Ruth, for two reason; because Shavuot is the festival of harvest and during the story of Ruth. The second reason is because Shavuot is the anneversary of the death of King David, who was the great-grandson of Ruth and Boaz, who is mentioned in Megillat Ruth.
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