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Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin

Erin M

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Book BRAG or BASH

ELSEWHERE Character That I Had a Strong
Reaction/Connection with~ Main character:
Elizabeth "Lizzie" "Liz"
Marie Hall - only a few years apart in age (she's 15)
- younger brothers
- both have basic goals
~ live long lives (which she didn't accomplish)
~ driver's license I didn't like Liz at first. - pg54: I found her annoying - pg130: She first showed a sign of kindness. Then she became better. She seemed isolated. Elsewhere has MULTIPLE climaxes! Climax #1: Liz decides to go diving
into a place called "The Well"
where she tries to make contact with the Living. Right when Liz gets in contact with her brother, a net brings her to the surface and she gets arrested. - suspected it
~the text did say that it was illegal
- it built up to a smaller confrontation than suspected Climax #2: Liz falls in love,
but then
his wife from when he was
living dies and they
reunite. - the conflict itself was obviously going to happen
- the solution was unexpected Climax #3: Liz decides to leave
Elsewhere early, before
she tells anybody. - it surprised me, at first
- exceeded expectation
-thought it'd be a quick "Bye, going to Earth now" scene Elsewhere is about Elizabeth Marie Hall, a 15-year-old girl who died after getting run over by a car on the way to a mall. She was on her way to help her friend find a prom dress when she was run over and flung off her bicycle, putting her in a coma for a week before her parents took her off life support.

Before Liz knows what's going on, she wakes up on a plain white cruise ship
filled with old people, known
as the SS Nile. Liz finds out
that she's on her way to
Elsewhere, the land of the dead
where people live in paradise.

There, Liz lives with her late grandma Betty Bloom, and learns that she'll age backwards until she's seven days old and then get sent to the land of the living to be born as a different child, like everyone else. For the first month on Elsewhere, she refuses to accept her new life (or death), and spends all day everyday sitting at the Observation Deck, a lighthouse where she can view happenings on Earth.She
volunteers to help at the
Division of Domestic Animals
to help new animals get used to

In the remaining time Liz has,
she Contacts her brother, Alvy,
twice at a place called The Well. She falls in love with Owen, a policeman who helps her with Contact, and as she ages backwards, she eventually retires from her job at the DDA.

In the end, Liz is sent back to Earth to be born as a new baby girl. The ending~ - novel on its own
- if not read more about Liz, maybe
read more about the other main
characters The ending, itself, was sad. The epilogue was nicely
written, however. It covered the new
girl Liz was born as. - the ending was expected
- anti-climatic, but it
couldn't really be any
- didn't waste my time,
at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Gabrielle Zevin I believe that Gabriellle Zevin, the author, wanted us to have reassurance of the afterlife, if someone close to
us has died. For
example, maybe
someone close to
the reader died, so they chose this book as something to get help from. They'd probably thought a lot about where the dead would
be now, in the afterlife, and they can cope
with the death by convincing themselves
that the dead are in Elsewhere. This system
worked for Gabrielle,
possibly, so she
wrote a book about
it to help other
people in the same
kind of situation. I know it can seem confusing, but that's what I think Gabrielle Zevin wanted us to take out of Elsewhere. The End Since this book is about the afterlife, I'm assuming
that somebody close to her has died. This probably makes her serious with the thought of death, as well as thoughtful. In Elsewhere, there's a ton of sarcasm, so naturally, I'm assuming that Gabrielle is a sarcastic person. In the back of the book,
there was a Q&A with
the author. From reading
that, I also see her as a
person who doesn't
dwell on the past and
can always find humor in a situation. In the interview, she answered "Where do you write your books?" by saying "In my head." Lastly, to me, she seems to be a daydreamer,
as I believe most authors are, for being able to create
a story of their own. BRAG
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