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HERA,GREEK GODDESS of love and marriage

A book report for a goddess

auteyana whitfield

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of HERA,GREEK GODDESS of love and marriage

Hera is a greek goddess and her name is greek to in english it measns (great lady) her name means that because she was the greek queen she.Our word glaxy comes from the greek word gala meaning mother's milk.One legend is that the Milky Way glaxy was formed from her milk fell to the earth and feild of lilies sprung forth.She was was also worshipped as as the roman goddess juno and the monthe of june (wich is the most popular month for weddings is named in her honor.It is partly of hera's beauty mostly becouse of her butiful eyes that gives her animal simboles the cow it simbolizes her wachfulness over her subjects and a pecock that simbolizesher luxury,beauty,and immortality.The goddess hera blessedand and protected a womans marriage,protecting her children,helping her find finacialsecurity.
Hera got married to zeus but they got marreb in the worst way ever they what happend was zeus was attracted by her bueauty zues tricked Hera by turning into a small ,frightened and wounded bird that got her pity and she crateld him once crateld he teard back into hi human form and tried to kiss herbut she resisted him and she keep doing that until he desided to mary herand and hera not leating him go out with him got more interested in hera.once marred they had the longes honeymoon ever it was for 300 years!Unfortunatly her life wasnt so valuable anymore.when the honeymoon was over zues turned back to his "playboy" lifestile.This made hera fell very betrayed and humiliated on many occasions.To make things wors zues cared for the children born by other girls than by hera but hera remaned faithful to zues and she tuck out her fury out on the girls rather than on zues althoe he was the one trying to get the girls to go out with him.This wasnt always the case with hera however she did on one occasion give zues a tast of his own medicine by trying to mack a baby by herself proving she didnt need him anyway she gave birth to Hephaestus who was born with a deformaty that made him lame.Zues was not impressed and hera rejected her son sending him away to be born with mortales.Other times hera simply just had to get away and she wounderd around earth in darkness always coming back home.In spite of how he mistreted hera zues loved hermore than that felt as part of hi was missing when she wasnt there for him.He once paniced that hera wasnt in a rush to come back and ivited a fack wedding.She couldnt help but laghe when she saw that it was a statu he was macking his vowes to and her lagheter broke the gass she came back home to olypus and forgave him.
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