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Preparing for the Future

This presentation was designed for the WCS Transitions Program.

Clarence LaParr

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Preparing for the Future

...takes dedication, serious thought, and a bit of courage The Path to Success... You Are HERE! At this point in your life,
you are a Junior in high school, and
you have probably started to realize
that you have reached the moment
where you must make some pretty serious
decisions about what you are going to have to do in
order to achieve a successful, healthy, happy, and
satisfying life on your own... What you can do now. Higher Education Whether going to a college or a technical school,
gaining a better education in preparation for working
in a career field of your choosing will result in better access to employment opportunities, and higher positions and income. Military Training and Service Enlisting in the military offers many rewards.

A Salary
A Chance to Travel
Health Benefits
Included Housing
On-the-Job Training in a Wide Variety of Fields
Retirement Benefits
College Funding
The Big World
of Employment Staying on Track Whatever you decide...

...decide to be successful. COLLEGE
CAREER Congratulations! AAHHHHH! That's a normal response by the way... Take comfort in knowing
that there will always be
people along the way to
talk to and point you in
the right direction. Parents
Good Friends
Other Family Members
Good Bosses
Public Resources June 2014, Congratulations Graduate What are you going to do now?! "Get rich and go to
not. In reality, you will have a few general choices to make.
Technical School (Trade School)
Employment You are going to have to work
(put forth effort) to make a

Being employed is a reality
of the world. Do well in all of your classes (get help when you need it).

Prepare for your entrance tests (SAT, ACT, ASVAB).

Get a job of some sort (build employment history).

Get involved (volunteer in
community projects).


on Your
Future It might not seem like it,
but every positive thing
you do now...
The investments you make early in your
adulthood will pay off later in life... So what you're saying is I will be rich and can go to Disneyland??? umm...
depends. In Short Military
just being
a Soldier ROTC Go
as an
OFFICER That is a lot to think
about... Whatever you decide to do, it is going to take determination and effort to be successful. Getting a Job... ...requires many things besides wanting it and

and showing up. Some troubles might
get in your way. You have finished this lesson.

Decide what YOU want to do.
And although there might be some trouble along the way, don't give up.

And when you finally are rich and successful, don't spend it all on Disney Land!
The world sure
seems a lot bigger
than I realized... As you progress down your path, and much of it will be up to you, pay close attention to the signs along the way.

You must learn to recognize when to stop and go another way. AAH!!!
What will
you do
now? At these points in life, remember those people who always supported you and pointed you in the right direction.
Good Friends
Other Family
Good Bosses Cover Letters



Searching for Opportunities

Submitting an Application

Dressing Right

Interviewing with Confidence Qualified, Confident,

Enthusiastic, Respectful Everyone needs a job,
and getting one takes a
lot of work.

This is the moment in life
when all of your education
and experiences become
an asset to get you in the
door. Successful in
Employee... Good References... Have Clear Goals.
Have a Plan to Reach Them.
Take One Step at a Time.
Always Look Ahead.
Coordinate Your Efforts.
Make Good Connections
Along the Way.
Stay True to Yourself.
Learn All You Can.
Be Open to Change.
The World Awaits...

Are you ready to get to

Give nothing less than your best. Everything in life takes hard work, and right now, school is testing your
willpower and work ethic.
Rise to the Challenge! Your Score on the ASVAB Will Determine Your Military Job AND Your Income
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