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Talk 4 Writing

No description

Ben Massey

on 17 June 2015

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Transcript of Talk 4 Writing

Literacy Staff Meeting
Thursday 5th February
Welcome to the latest T4W Extravaganza!
Today, we'll be:
Introducing the new T4W Google Drive!
Talk for Writing
What's going well?
What are the next steps?
What's going well?
What are the next steps?
Hot & Cold tasks
Ta Training
How are you working with your TA at the moment?
What could you do to support them?
Share planning
Share texts
Generation of word banks
Guided Group work
Outside the classroom
(Annotated if possible)
Looking at what's going well and ways forward with Talk 4 Writing
Talking about involving TAs in T4W
Coming up with exciting ideas for World Book Day
Discussing the forthcoming writing moderation
Looking at the new Google Drive T4W resource
Populating the Exciting Writing Board
Google Drive
How to access the Drive
How to add to the Drive
Ta Training
World Book Day
Writing Moderation
Phonics Catch-up
Any questions/concerns?
Exciting Writing Board
That's it from me!
Let's all go and create an Exciting Writing Board and go home!
Having a quick phonics catch-up
Thank you so much for all of your excellent T4W work!
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