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Universe Mind Map

No description

ariana carter

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Universe Mind Map

Universe Mind Map
Major Types Of Galaxies

Spiral Galaxies-
Some galaxies appear to have a bulge in the middle and arms that spiral outward, like pin-wheels. The arms contain gas, dust, and many bright, young stars.

Elliptical Galaxies-
These galaxies contain billions of stars but have a little gas and dust between the stars. Because there is little gas or dust, stars are no
longer forming.

Irregular Galaxies-
Irregular galaxies are typically smaller than other types of galaxies. They generally have many bright, young stars and lots of gas and dust to form new stars.

Quasars Galaxies-
Quasars are active young galaxies with huge black holes at their centers. Gas spins around the black hole heats up, and glows.
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