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Me (Javier)

A presentation about me. This is the first presentation I have made with Prezi.

Javier Agnir

on 18 January 2010

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Transcript of Me (Javier)

A presention by Javier Agnir

(Javier) Lived in Japan for almost 12 years Miyajima Anilao, Philippines I have a family of 5,
Two brothers, mom, dad, and me. I am living in the Ritz-Carlton, Guangzhou Immediate Family Born in 1996... I am now 13 Born on November 21 I was born in Japan But I am from the Philippines! Carbonara is my favorite pasta Many of my favorites
Are debatable but: Green is my favorite color I'm not completely Pinoy though I'm part Spanish And part Chinese So I guess that's all about me that's all about me Born in raised in Kobe http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/1052/ultimate-spaghetti-carbonara Back http://www.gofishsc.com/Articles/images/Peacock%20Basstards/382px-BYR_color_wheel.svg.png Secret text!!! I want to do many things in life, including but not limited to:
Sky dive
Become famous by doing something unique
Set a world record
A combination of the previous three
Lead a fulfilling and happy life And other crazy things like that. I don't think there's much else to say... My favorite day of the week is Friday
Favorite sport is basketball
Favorite season is summer
Favorite thing to do is nothing I can't actually think of many other favorites...
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