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Dinos & Disasters!

No description

Meredith Barton

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Dinos & Disasters!

Dinosaurs & Disasters!
Today's Materials
1. Notebook 2. Pencil 3. 1 Sheet of loose leaf paper
Warm Up
With your shoulder buddy, discuss:

1. How have you learned in the past about dinosaurs?

2. What do you know about dinosaurs & extinction?

3. How do you think the dinosaurs became extinct?
4 Primary Theories
Writing Wednesday Presents:
Part I: Gallery Walk & Information Collection

Part II: Writing Prompt
Date Topic/Activity Page #
10.23.13 Dinosaurs & Disasters 43
Asteroid Impact
Ice Age
Excessive Volcanoes
Page 43 Quick Notes
through all 4 theories,
filling in your chart
with the
correct information
Write a
persuasive 10-sentence sample piece
that convinces the reader that
the theory
you're suggesting
DID cause
the become
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