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Leaving Fletchville-Keith

my novel study book :D

Keith Maxwell

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of Leaving Fletchville-Keith

Leaving Fletchville Timeline of
Events! Characters- The main characters are: Brandon, Sam, Leon, Winnie and Ricky. Setting- The main setting in the book is at their school. -Leon transfers to Brandon's school.

-Brandon is wondering why Leon and his family moved to a boring place like Kingsville.

- Brandon realizes that Leon lives in his Appartment building.

-After history class it was recess, Brandon was watching Leon and that's when Ricky came over to him.

-Leon didn't like much sports but Ricky was challenging him to a one on one basketball game. Leon didn't want to play and got annoyed.

-Brandon was hoping that Leon would win but Ricky kicked Leon's butt

-After the game that's when Leon became enemies with the "gangsta" Ricky -Mr. Fletcher the Math and History teacher announced a new type of weekly assignment for their math class.

-He said "you kids are going to take care of yourselves. Every Friday we are going to pretend that you live in a make-believe town called Fletchville. You will all get jobs and earn money."

-They did a draw and they each pulled out a job and he said you can't change your job or quit. Some of you will get paid well and some of you will get paid just enough to live on. -It was 8:00 pm and Brandon could hear the train coming down the tracks, he could hear a strange rattling noise, then the brakes began to squeal. There was an orange glow he had never seen before then a loud BANG!!! He could hear people screaming as loud as they could.

Brandon was accused of putting the ties on the tracks, he was on tv because of what people thought he did.

The news anchors said there might be twenty or more people dead inside the train car. This event was all over the news... -After the train fire Brandon was a bit of a celebrity at school just because he was on TV. Things went back to normal in a few days though.

-Thew talent show was coming up. the winners would be featured on the local TV station and Ricky was going to play his guitar like always. -Leon got a job at a music studio as the janitor for Winnie's guitar lessons, he only gets paid five dollars a week, he needs twenty dollars to pay for lessons.Leon's job is right beside a gas station. Brandon seen Leon ride off Highway 2 and he was wondering where he was going. Brandon decided to find out what he was up to. Leon wanted this to be a secret to everyone. -Leon spotted a body in the water by the beach. Leon was telling Brandon call 911 but Brandon wanted to leave and go home. Leon wasn't the kind of guy that would run away screaming if he saw a dead body, he acted really calm around it and apparently he tried to pull the body out of the water. Anyways, they went home and were watching the whole thing from Leon's balcony, Leon wanted Brandon to not say anything to anyone about this. -A rumor was going around that Leon's dad was in jail. Their neighbour called the school and said she hasn't seen their dad in a long time and is wondering if those kids are living by themselves. The school then called Children's Aid.

-They came sooner rather than later. A man and woman walked into the apartment, they came to their door and the superintendent opened the door for them with his passkey. Everyone started screaming and shouting.The Georges Family had to go to court, thankfully the judge said they could keep living the way they were before.
(Sam, Leon, and Winnie are the Georges Family.) After child services came nobody knew what happened to the Georges family until one of Winnie's friends got a phonecall. The Georges family was living at a hotel in Springfield. With workers keeping an eye on them just incase they ran away again. END Beginning Thanks for watching!
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