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Copy of Dance: Judith Jamison

No description

Kelly Birchall

on 3 March 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Dance: Judith Jamison

Dance-Sophie Hill.
Judith Jamison
How it links to Jamison's stylistic Features:
Uses emotional choreography based on rituals of the past which adds sensuality to the dance, and adds to the influence of emotional intensity that Jamison has on her work. The dance is also has a balletic style to it, which reflects upon the ballet training in Jamisons youth. This style id particularly evident in the male and female duet. The movement is also organic which is a main feature which Jaison focuses on when creating movement.
How it links to Jamison's contribution to the company:
Jamison created works which celebrated the company and what they are about, Jamison focused on promoting and advertising the company however, this work was one of her first piences produced.
How it links to Jamison's stylistic features:
Still showed elements of the ballet style. The choreography included the whole of the company but within the piece there were solo's. This was to illuminate Ailey characteristics. The use of solo's also conveys Jamisons stylistic qualities, for Ailey would often create solo's for Jamison in his works. Moreover, movement from Aileys work of Revelations was also used in Hymn as it was a work of art dedicated to Ailey, years after his death. The music for Hymn also reflects Jamison's stylistic features, consisting of African drumming. This reflects upon Jamison's cultural background but also her rhythmic style that influence Jamison in her youth, as she learnt to play instruments.
How it links to Jamisons's contribution to the company:
Jamison described dance as the "past, future and present" and the use of modern technology to create the voice over of Ailey in the accompaniment, shows how Jamison is modernizing the company
The use of more staccato movement is also a new change to the company's work, this also shows how Jamison is modernizing the movement.
How the work links to Jamison's stylistic features:
The choreography produced celebrates the human life and human nature. This reflects Jamison's stylistic features because it portrays Aileys belief. of celebrating humanity. The dance is rhythmic through out and this also helps to reflect Jamison's musicality from when she was much younger. The movement is always on beat and consistent. The dance contains elements of ballet which resonates Jamison's balletic training. The dance also shows elements of Jamison's training in the Horton technique. This is evident through the deep plie's.
The the work links to the contribution Jamison had on the company:
Among us shows how Jamison contributed to the development of the company by using new genres and styles such as Indiana and Kathak styles. This helps to show hoe Jamison is trying to modernize the AAADT comapany, by keeping its repertoire up to date with society. The piece also helps to convey how Jamison is celebrating the company's ideology. Furthermore, Jamison also helped to fund raise for the company. Jamison also helped to establish a base for the company, which resulted in being the largest facility dedicated to dance within the United States.
Among Us 2009
Love Stories 2004
Hymn 1993
How the work links to Jamison's stylistic features:
One influence upon Jamison's personal style is her use of collaborations as a choreographer and to create Love Stories, Jamison collaborated with Rennie Harris (a hip hop pioneer, and Robert Battle, how would later take over the role as artistic director from Jamison. There are use of solo's in the piece which is most likely inspired by Ailey who would choreograph solo's for Jamison. There are small amounts of balletic style which portrays Jamison's stylistic elements, as she trained in Chechetti ballet. There is a solo in the group hip hop section, where the woman in green performs very organic movement. This is a huge trademark that Jamison has in her works. The work also includes repetition of deep plie's. This is routed from Jamison's study of Katherine Dunhum and her concepts of movement.
How the work links to Jamison's contribution to the company:
Love Stories is an example of how Jamison contributes to the company by using its original movement ideas and concepts, but modernising dance to a wider and modern day audience. Jamison has done this, but using the genre of hip hop to broaden the companys genre's. This helps further Jamison's target of creating a platform to promote the company.
Divining 1984
How the work links to Jamison's sylistic features:
The movement consist of spine ripple which shows flexibility of the torso and isolated walks. These both reflect Jamison's stylistic features as both of these movements originated from Katherine Dunham, and as Jamison had tuition in the Dunham technique, it has influenced her stylistic qualities. Another stylistic feature of Jamison evident in this dance, is the Horton technique. One of Jamison's influences was the Horton technique, and this is clear in Divining down to the deep plie's in 2nd that the dancers perform center stage. The accompaniment also uses African drum beats which echoes Jamison's stylistic influences because as a dancer Jamison was inspired by her cultural background.
How the work links to Jamison's contribution to the company:
One of the main contributions Jamison made to the company, was expanding its educational outreach, and Jamison includes multicultural dancers, which re-establishes what the company stands for.The dancers are also very flexible, and through hard work(which Ailey was a strong believer of) Jamison has continued this concept which has allowed the dancers to achieve a higher standard. In 2002 President Bush awarded the distinguished Nation Medal Of Arts to both Jamison and the Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation.
Here...Now 2001
How it links to Jamison's stylistic features:
Here...Now links to Jamison's stylistic features as as the dance is based around the ballet technique to help potray the strength and perseverance of Flojo the Olympian as the piece was a dedication to her. This reflects Jamison's style as from a young age she had training in the genre.
How the work links to Jamison's contribution to the company:
Jamison worked hard to gain publicity for the compnay and most of her contribution work was based around advertisement. The work Here...Now was a tribute to the life of Olympian Florence Griffith-Joyner who passed away due to a heart attack. In 2002 Jamison carried the Olympic torch in Salt Lake City prior to the opening ceremonies of the 2002 winter Olympics. This work links to Jamison's promotion of the company and her effort around the country and internationally to promote the company.
How it links to Jamison's stylistic features:
The work resonates Jamison's stylistic qualities in many ways. One way in which this is evident is the the use of strong power female figures, within the dance. This reflects Jamison's stylistic features, for as a young and growing woman Jamison was around 5ft 10 However, unusually tall for a dancer the height of Jamison brought her great stage presence and confidence.
How the work links to the contribution Jamison brought to the company:
The work Double Exposure continues to reflect Ailey's style and belief for the company, which is evident through the multi-cultural group of dancers used, and through the balletic style in the movement. The piece also uses a lot of ideas from Martha Graham. "I'm influenced by Martha Graham and material moving around, elegance and color. Ailey trained and was influenced by the Martha Graham technique, which then Judith Jamison was taught when she followed in Aileys's footsteps.
Double Exposure 2000
Forgotten Time 1989
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