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Weight Room Safety and Technique Lesson using iPad

Teaching students how to use iMovie on iPad to create a fun movie trailer emphasing the importance of technique and safety in various types of lifts. Students will use the built in iCamera to take pictures and video or they can upload pictures and video u

Camden McFarland

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Weight Room Safety and Technique Lesson using iPad

Weight Room Safety & Technique
Using the iPad, iPhone or iPod
Open iMovie to start Making a movie
Tap on the + button at the bottom of the screen. This will give you an option to start a new project or movie trailer. Pick movie trailor and pick your theme. There are several themes and you can test out wich one would work best for your vision of a trailer.
Next, change your storyline info
Tap on the top tab labeled outline so your screen looks like this. You can just tap into each line and change the name, title, and inforamation that will show up in your credits and main title of your movie trailor. Here you must have all group members names listed in the credits. Have fun and be creative.
Editing your Storyboard
Your Storyboard is where the bulk of your work will be done. iMovie Trailers have a pre-designed storyboard outline already created. If you don't like the one you selected you can always try a new trailer template.
Tap on Storyboard to get started
In Storyboard you can change titles, add photos, or videos.

You must have a combination of photos and video to your movie trailer. Your photos and video must have been taken in class with either the iPad, iPhone, iPod or GoPro camera.
Editing Pictures in iMovie Trailers
Tap on the place holder to place a photo. Then tap on the icon that indicates photos (its the middle icon) at the bottom of the right side screen. Select the starting position of your photo by moving or enlarge/decrease the size of the photo. Do the same for the end.
Editing video clips in iMovie Trailer
You edit video clips the same way you edit photos. Start by selecting the place holder. Note: each place holder has a "set" time duration of the clip. Find your clip from the bottom right (1st icon) and chose a video clip from your library. To adjust the start and end time of the clip just slide the clip until it runs how you like it.
Editing text/captions
Above each group of video clips on your storyboard are text/captions that pop up like graphics in your trailer. To edit these just type inside the text box and type away. You can see on the screen to the right how it looks. You need to keep it short and to the point.
Saving your iMovie Trailer
Once you are complete with your video and you are happy with the finished project go back into the start window. On the bottom of the page where the + icon is to start a new project is an icon with a swoosh arrow. If you tap on that you get choices of different formats to save your iMovie. Choose YouTube.
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