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The Realities of Reality Television

No description

Brittany Mitrick

on 3 December 2010

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Transcript of The Realities of Reality Television

The Realities of Reality Television What is reality television teaching our society? It's ok to constantly party. There are no consequences. "The Real World: Cancun" "Bridalplasty" You will never look perfect unless you have plastic surgery. "The Hills" Coniving and backstabbing? Traits to expect out of every bestfriend. "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" You aren't important or good enough unless you are rich. "Fear Factor" "Winning any amount of money is more important than your dignity." "The Bachelor" You have to throw yourself at a men to get his attention. "The Girls Next Door" Many naked girls living with one old man and selling naked pictures of themselves for a living? Completley appropriate. "Keeping up with the Khardasians" Minimal clothing is expected. How else will you be noticed? The reality left out of reality television... Paula from "The Real World" Drinking and reckless behavior have consequences. "16 and Pregnant" Sex and promiscuity do have severe consequences. "Jackass" Yes, it actually hurts! There is not one singular definition of beauty. You are perfect exactly the way you are.
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