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Dante Peretti

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of Prezi

Kandahar, Pakistan Location: The latitude of Kandahar is 33 degrees 40N, and the longitude is 73 degrees 10E.
The countries that border Kandahar is China, Iran, Tajikistan, India, and Afghanistan. The body of water that surronds Pakistan is the Arabian Sea. Current events: Osama bin Laden,
the mastermind behind sept.11,2001, terror attacks
that killed thousands of americans, was killed Sunday in his luxury hideout in Pakistan in a firefight with US forces, ending a manhunt that spanned a frustrating decade. Government: Leaders in Kandahar
would be, President Hamed Karzai, and
Prime minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani. The
type of government in Kandahar is a Federal Republic
government. History/Culture: This is a picture
of The Shrine of Baba Wali located near
the lush green bank of Arghandab River in Kandahar. Young people: In Kandahar less than half
the kids from the ages of 5-9 go to school
and if they go to school the boys and girls
are taught separately. Children play games
like hopscotch, marbles and also team games
like cricket, soccer and volleyball. Also they
like to fly kites, but other than that they don't
have many toys. Oppressed People: Kandahar is being oppressed
by the Taliban by not being educated or being
able to do a lot of the things we get to do. The
Taliban have killed many people in Pakistan and
the death is still rising. Also the Taliban forces
women to wear a peace of clothing that covers you
from head to toe only having a window for your eyes
called a chadri. If woen refuse to wear a chadri they will be
stoned. Humanitarian Aid: Kandahar is getting
aid from the US millitary by getting food
clothing and other esentials. Kandahar is
also being provided with shelter for the
homeless. THE END
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