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Young and In Charge

No description

Taylor Miller

on 28 September 2015

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Transcript of Young and In Charge

Personal Experience
Project Manager for Taff & Frye

-Executive Staff- In control of hiring and firing
Other duties included:
Connecting with Construction Companies
Bidding Projects
Acquiring contracts and following through with requirements
Step 1:
Listen and Pay Attention
Step 2:
Don't join the crowd
Do not get caught up in work gossip or bashing your boss. When you have a bad day, wait until after work (with someone you trust) to discuss anything negative if you still need to talk about it.

Gain respect by being respectful

Companies constantly change and you never know who could be listening or who could become your next boss.

You are not coming across rude by being quiet.
Step 3:
Make friends with the right people
It is not a difficult thing to discover who can cause drama and who doesn't.

Be wary of activities outside of work.
Ex. drinks with coworkers, work trips

Get to know the management- It is never a bad thing to know the people who are in charge. Make them at least aware that you exist. If they get to know you and anything ever happens, they will already know your character.

Females be wary of male employee friendships

Step 4:
Dress Appropriately
Some items you should avoid;
Anything that shows a lot of cleavage
Tall High heels
Short shorts, dresses, or skirts
Large "loud" jewelry
The demolition industry is half of the size of the construction industry. Which means that it is even less then the statistics listed below for construction:

In 2014, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 9,813,000 people working in the construction industry. Of these, 872,000 of them, or 8.9 percent, were women.

Women working in construction numbered 1.2 percent of the entire U.S. workforce in 2013.

Young and In Charge:
How to be taken Seriously

Collaborated with Presidents, Foremen, Supervisors, and construction workers on a daily basis
Male dominated industry

No prior experience or degree associated with the role


Attractive Female

No training

Before becoming a part of the business, ask questions but be the listener more. Learn from your surroundings.

There is a lot to learn in any new career. Employers realize you do not know everything yet.
-Take notes, go above and beyond in trying to understand and grasp your responsibilities & learn as much as you can about the company
When you know what you are doing, people respect you for it. Move past being young and lacking experience by showing you know what others in the industry know as well.
-Research, ask the right questions, retain what you learn, keep documentation organized so you can easily look back on it if needed
Don't ask for attention through your outfit. Gain it through the great work that you do.
Step 5:
Always be Honest
It's okay if you mess up, but it's not okay if no one can ever trust you again.
Step 6:
Stand Your Ground
Common Sense tells you how you should be treated. Stand by it.

Never allow anyone to say inappropriate things to you or touch you, EVER. You allow it once, they will try it again.

Avoid situations that could lead to places you don't want to go
Cultivate and Project Confidence
Caitlin Williams, author of
Successful Women's Guide to Working Smart
informally survey's to women to whom she presents workshops asking them "what one quality do you believe is the most important for your career success?" Confidence wins the top spot every time. A key is knowing yourself and seeking career encouragement or knowledge (mentor and research)
Go out & rock that pink hard hat
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