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My washing Machine

No description

Maeve McCaffrey

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of My washing Machine

In the future Timeline of the electric Washing Machine What is a washing machine you ask???? -A washing machine is a machine in which you put your clothing, or any sort of cloth in to and it cleanses, and sanitizes them. How does it function? The first electric washing machine worked by having a motor(usually around 1/4 or 1/8 horsepower) underneath, a big tub. The motor would spin the tub really fast as water would slowly fill up the tub and cleanse the clothes A step Into the future! Impact of invention Society-The washing machine helped society so much. For one it was a faster and more efficient way to clean your clothes. Also back in the 1950's it allowed women to get out more and get real jobs instead of staying home all day doing laundry.
Environment- The washing machine did not have a great affect on the environment. This is because all of the water it is using. The washing machine on average uses 21.7% of all of your household water. Also the amount of energy it took up to run the machine, not to mention heating up the water! 85%-95% of the energy being used for the machine is being used to heat up your water. Which is not to good for our environment. The Washing Machine * Interesting Fact- The washing machine was called the "Thor," because it it looked like a drum with a motor underneath it! History Time!! Guess What!? The washing machine was invented in our very own city! Here in Chicago Illinois, at the Hurley Machine Company! In 1908 when the washing machine was invented the current president at this time was Theodore Roosevelt. What else was happening? - In 1908 this was when the summer olympics were occurring in London.
-1908 was also the first, and probably the last time the Chicago Cubs won the world series. They won against the Detroit Tigers. -In 1908 , in the month of November, Alva J. Fisher was the first to invent an ELECTRIC washing machine.
-Before the electric washing machine, people would spin their laundry by hand, or they would use a scrubbing board. Imagine how hard that would be!
-The washing machine was invented because back then for women to just do one load of laundry, it would be so much manual labor. -They needed an easier way to clean their clothes! And linens!
-When a load of laundry was clean, but not dry, with all the water absorbed in it , it could way up to 50 pounds!
-Since the clothes were so heavy many women would hurt, or break their wrists. JUST FROM DOING LAUNDRY! In 1908 the average US household income was only $324! Ten years from now I think that the washing machine will be totally different, well yes it will still wash your clothes, but I think that it will use less water and won't take as long to run through one cycle. Lately I have seen washing machines that do not require a lot of detergent so in the future I think the amount of soap you need to wash your clothes will decrease too! In 1908 Present day Impact on me! The washing machine is a great impact on me. It lets me wash my clothes faster, instead of having to hand wash them for 30 minutes. And when they're clean they smell SO good! Created By: The one and only Maeve McCaffrey Works Cited

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