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Marble Hornets

The basic information about the popular YouTube Web Series

Sara Breitfelder

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Marble Hornets

Marble Hornets By Sara Breitfelder Characters Jay Narrator of Marble Hornets
Does most of the filming
Updates the YouTube and Twitter accounts Alex The reason Jay started the YouTube series
Director of the student film "Marble Hornets" (hence the name of the channel) Tim Knows Alex through their mutual friend Brian
Acts in Marble Hornets Jessica Roommate of Amy (Alex's girlfriend) Brian Friends with Alex
Main star of student film "Marble Hornets" "Masky" "Hoodie" "The Operator" AKA Slenderman The only masked character revealed “Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.” – Charles Bukowski (Author) Preview: 1. Characters
Main Characters
Slender Man
2. Locations
Common places
3. Totheark Locations Rosswood Park Tunnel totheark Slender Man Urban Legend/Myth
First surfaced in 2009 on the website Something Awful
User Victor Surge
Similar to German folk tale about Der Großmann ("The Great Man")
About a man who would abduct children in a forest in Germany The Abandoned Hospital, Annex, and Maintenance Tunnel Totheark "To The Ark"
Another YouTube channel that is also related to the main MarbleHornets channel
Hoodie is assumed to be running totheark
Messages and codes
Very short videos Benefit The only real benefit that we can receive from Marble Hornets is entertainment. Just like a television series, it hooks us in with an interesting and realistic story plot that leaves the viewer wanting more. Those who watch it begin to notice little things and begin to solve the codes on their own, making the viewer think for their self. "Do one thing everyday that scares you." - Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady and Social Activist Basic Sescription
No face, Black Suit
Technology interference
Cameras, television, etc.
7 to 10 feet tall
Long arms
Memory Loss
Coughing fits It's also an online game with different maps and modes "20 Dollar" Mode Slender
SlenderMod YouTube Videos:
11 Drunk Guys Play ____
Smosh Games
And a TON more The Red Tower Interested in Slender Man? Check out YouTube. There are a lot of different web series and videos out there that are related or dedicated to Slender Man. Troy (who plays Jay) also has a channel on YouTube called "troyhasacamera" with very funny and interesting videos Not into scary stuff? EverymanHYBRID
DarkHarvest * I will not talk about the plot of the story so that I don't spoil this for anyone Other Locations
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