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Food and Meals

By: Hannah Welch and Robert Ustariz

seccond food and meals

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Food and Meals

Food and Meals
By: Hannah W. and Robert U. what is ahisma? How does it affect Hindu diets?

Ahisma is a belief that a person must not use [her]
God-given body for killing God's creatures.
Ahisma affects Hindu diets by stating that people should not eat meat, particulary beef. Some common Indian dishes:

aloo gobi- a curry dish made from cauliflower and potatos
many different currys practices that Hindus preform before eating:

Hindus will often say a prayer called Bhojana
The diner chants, or sings, thanks to God for the food. Then she puts water in her right hand and drops the water to the ground. then she puts some more water in her right hand and sprinkles the food to purify it. How Hindus eat their meals:
They sit around a low table or a blanket placed on the floor.
they typically eat with their hands, using the right hand
to eat and their left hand to pick up their drinking glass to serve
themselves food.
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