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The Rise and Fall of Jesus and Stargirl

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Justin Zhang

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of The Rise and Fall of Jesus and Stargirl

The Rise and Fall of Jesus and Stargirl
Highest point
In their highest point people followed him was loved by the people because of their action even though that is what got them shunned by the public in the first place.
Thank you!
Their first steps to popularity
Stargirl's first step to popularity is quite similar to Jesus' because they were both considered very weird by people and they were rejected . For example, the Pharisees rejected Jesus because of what he taught. He taught that he was the son of God. This made the Pharisees feel like he was committing heresy and that Jesus should be executed. For example, in Matthew 21:14-16 This is just like Stargirl when the students at her school shunned her because she thought differently. She dressed differently. She was caring and loving to strangers and this made them feel weird and they thought that the staff had made her do this to increase happiness and enthusiasm in the school, to increase school spirit.
The Rise
The similarities between Jesus and Stargirl during their rise was that
The Rising
The similarities after both their rises is that they start to influence people and make them act a certain way to each other like Jesus taught love your enemy as yourself which many people up to today still follow this. For Stargirl it was getting invited to the cheerleading squad which is a very big difference and then people started listening to her and acting like her which is like Jesus
The End

The end of their popularity is sorta of similar but Jesus' is more painful because he was crucified but the similarities many people abandon them and Stargirl even gets tomato thrown into her face which I think might represent Jesus' crucifixion because it was red and many people abandon her after that including her own cheer leading squad.
This Represents the Tomato that hit Stargirl
Jesus' Crucifixion
Another similarity I found is that many people were watching for both when Jesus was executed and Stargirl had a tomato thrown in her face and not many people did anything about it.
Also another similarity is that some people were shocked and felt sad because of what happen like Jesus' disciples and in Stargirl Leo Borlock.
People started to follow him around like in Matthew 8:1-4 when large crowds followed him downed mountainside and watch him heal a man with leprosy. This is just like when the whole school starting acting like Stargirl. Also many people just like in Stargirl followed and acting like Jesus by spreading the word and teaching everyone to love. But in both the the Bible and Stargirl they start to have a fall
The Falling
After their height of popularity they both start to fall. Jesus fell because the pharisees used deceit lie about Jesus calling him a blasphemer and all sorts of stuff. Stargirl fell because she did something very nice that Jesus said which is love your enemies as yourself and when doing that causes the school the look down on her and become weird out.
The Falling Part 2
This is the second stage of the fall which shows that people slowly started to hate both Jesus and Stargirl more because people slowly get more angry and treat them worst after what they what they did like stargirl helping the opposition team's player and being ditched and slowly looked down upon. Jesus was hated even more because of the pharisees and was slowly hated by the public.
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