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Nursing Presentation-LFCC

LFCC for use Resumes, Coverletters, Career Services

Dana Wile

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Nursing Presentation-LFCC

Resumes Common Headings Contact Information
Internship Experience
Work Experience
Volunteer Experience
Activities Contact Information Name
Home Address
Email Education College, Location
Associate of...
Registered Nurse, date Experience Use Key Words
Reverse Chronological Order
Title, Organization/Company Name, Location, Dates
Accomplishment Statements Accomplishment Statments Highlight TRANSFERABLE SKILLS
Think Twitter concise, direct statements 140 charaters or less Tailored Heading Examples Related Experience
Clinical Experience
Teaching Experience
Laboratory Experience
Research Experience
Leadership Experience
Management Experience
Service Experience
Relevant Coursework
Field Experience Clean Clear Concise Formatting .5" to 1" Margins
Equal on ALL sides Font size NO smaller than 10pt.
Use a simple style
i.e. Times New Roman, Arial Name stands out on the page Consistent
Formatting Check for spelling, grammar and punctuation! Employers spend an average of 20-30 seconds looking at a resume the first time ERROR
FREE! Land yourself in an interview.............................not the circular file. Content 83 Capitol of Texas Highway
Suite 1102
Austin, Texas 78719
August 4, 1995

Personnel Department
Travis County
P.O. Box 178
Austin, Texas 78733

Dear Personnel Assistant:

I am writing in regard to your newspaper ad in the August 2 edition of the Austin American-Statesman concerning your need for a Programmer/Analyst III. I have the qualifications, experience, and enthusiam for which you are looking.

In December, I will graduate with a Bachelor of Science from Southwest Texas State University. My overall grade point average is 3.125. In my degree program, I have studied and developed a thorough understanding of the following programming languages: Pascal, Assembler, COBOL, RPG, and C.

As for my work experience, I have been employed with two organizations over the past three years that have drawn on my computer-programming skills. My work at Loganis Mortgage Corporation involved the setup of new software, training of personnel, and the direct use of AutoCAD on a 10-user LAN. I worked as an assistant programmer at HydroLogics Corporation, doing much of the same design, code, and test work as the regular programmer/analysts.

You will find enclosed with this letter a copy of my resume which provides a much more detailed description of my education and employment history. I would welcome any opportunity to talk with you further about the Programmer/Analyst position. Please do not hesitate to contact me at 478-555-1212 or john.doe@live.mercer.edu.


John Doe
Encl.: resume Cover Letter How I Knew You Paragraph Details that set you Apart
Paragraphs Call me Paragraph Format If you don't know where you are going,
how will you get there? What can you do
with this degree? Career Goals Enhance your
Experience American Heart Association
Local Hospital
Red Cross
Campus Community Cares Club Volunteer Look for chances to share your passion Community Awarness Programs Research Internships Landing the Job Statistics on first impression impact: 7% From what we actually say
38% The quality of our voice and overall confidence
55% The way we dress, act and walk through the door The Interview
Most Common Mistakes 10. Over-explaining why you lost your last job
9. Conveying that you're not over it
8. Lacking humor, warmth, or personality
7. Not showing enought interest or enthusiasm
6. Inadequate research about a potential employer
5. Concentrating too much on what you want
4. Trying to be all things to all people
3. "Winging" the interview
2. Failing to set yourself apart from other
1. Failing to ask for the job staff nursing, community agencies, long-term care agencies, government services, education, nursing research, international, Your ideal job is just a HEART BEAT away!
Career Services at LFCC
An attentive & experienced Registered Nurse who has provided quality patient care as an LPN for 10 years in Emergency Care Class Example
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