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No description

Corrado Palese

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of RememberMI

Path Tracking
Wish List
Keep track of your interest and plans in Milan: add Events and POIs in the 3cixty wishlist and RememberMi will locate them on the map and send you alerts when you are nearby, helping you to organize your trip in a more efficient way. *
Focus your attention on a particular moment of your journey, pinning a customized marker.
Interact with the map to make your experience in the city unforgettable.
RemeberMi is a mobile application with the aim of helping users to remember and re-experience their trips thanks to geolocalization.
Path Summary
See the list of previous paths and show the details.
Re-experience your journey through pictures and markers.
And, soon, replay your visit step by step.
Future Plans
Social sharing and integration
Once a path is completed share it with friends through social networks and include your social activities in the info of the path.
...even more...
We think there is space in the market for a new platform, on the model of Instagram, where users can create a community, publish their path, suggestions, add ratings and comments and use them as guide for their next trip.
Next Releases
Marker Helper
No need to pin every place you see, enjoy the visit and RememberMI, analyzing the track, will try to figure out what you haven’t marked yet but it seems to be on the path, suggesting the addition of new remainders.
POIs Suggestion
Base on your preferences and your current location, it will try to suggest you some POIs that can make your trip more interesting.
Thank You!
Angelo Di Pilla
e-mail: angelo.dipilla@mail.polimi.it
Corrado Palese
e-mail: corrado.palese@mail.polimi.it
Markers are composite of:
Time & spatial coordinates
Title and Description
Picture (multimedia content)
Semantic Element *
* We had connection problems with the 3cixty server
this feature will be implemented soon, see the extended documentation
* We had connection problems with the 3cixty server
this feature is partially implemented, see the extended documentation
The inspiration came from tracking apps like
, that offer a similar services, but target mostly athletes. Our idea is to focus on tourists and their needs.
The basics: once activated the GPS, you can start the tracking system and a background service records the path of the daily trip.
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