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An Introduction to the The Drug and Alcohol Matrices

This Prezi is a short, and easy-to-follow introduction to the Skills Consortium/Drug and Alcohol Findings' Drug and Alcohol Matrices.

Oliver Standing

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of An Introduction to the The Drug and Alcohol Matrices

The Drug and Alcohol Matrices
Ever thought about effectiveness in drug and alcohol treatment - what really works?
How about having access to the really important evidence on delivering UK evidence-based treatment interventions at your fingertips - in one place, mapped out, categorised, online and free?
Sounds pretty useful right? Well you are in luck! This exists and what's more:
it's yours

It's the only resource of it type in the world and it's waiting for you online....

They use a grid like this to categorise information and evidence.
(This is the grid for the evidence on alcohol - there is also one for drugs.)
Click on any of the 25 boxes to access resources colour-coded by category:
The Drug and Alcohol Matrices bring together the most useful evidence for
- practitioners
- service-managers
- commissioners & partnership planners

Click on any
box and the contents will appear - with the type of resource indicated by colour.
gives you the seminal, historic studies
gives you the key, modern studies
gives you reviews of effectiveness
gives you guidelines on implementation
gives you a wider search on the Findings website

Click on
blue hyperlinked title to go straight to the resource!
Are you a practitioner?
You'll find columns A and B most useful
Are you a service-manager?
You'll find columns C and D most useful
Are you a commissioner or partnership planner?
You'll find column E most useful
The Matrices have been developed by Drug and Alcohol Findings in partnership with the Skills Consortium. Find them at:


editor@findings.org.uk - info@skillsconsortium.org.uk
Each resource you access will be relevant to the UK. Some are full studies, some are reports of effectiveness, some briefing notes. If the full study has a cost or is only available upon request the site can generate an email request to the author requesting a copy.
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