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Julius Caesar

by Summer Chung

summer dahee chung

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar he was born July 13, 100 BC, into a family of patricians

when he was 25 years old, on his way to Rhodes to study oratory, Julius is captured by pirates.
but he befriended them. when he was 32 years old, he began political studies when he was 37 years old, he was named Pontifex Maximus, the highest priest in Rome. when he was 38, he became praetor.
when he was 41, he became consul. In 60 BC, Julius formed an unofficial alliance of three men called the First Triumvirate, with Crassus and Pompey. The Gallic Wars (58-51BC) he worked quickly and took over the rest of Gaul.
in the meantime, Crassus was killed in a battle and Pompey broke his alliance with Caesar. Pompey was a military and political leader of Roman Republic
Crassus was a Roman general and politician The Gallic Wars were a series of military campaigns waged by the Roman proconsul Julius Caesar against several Gallic tribes, lasting from 58-51 BC. -wiki pedia The crucial battle was the decisive Battle of Alesia in 52BC, where Caesar defeated Vercingetorix The Battle of Alesia took place in September, 52BC around the Gallic oppidum of Alesia. It was fought by an army of the Roman Republic commanded by Julius Caesar, ailded by cavalry commanders Mark Antony. -wiki pedia In 50BC, the senate, led by Pompey, ordered Caesar to disband his army and return to Rome On January 10, 49BC, Caesar crossed the Rubicon river and igniting civil war Pompey complained Caesar of insubordination and treason, and they prepared to do battle. In 48BC, they faced off at Dyrrhachium and Pharsalus, with Caesar defeating Pompey in battles The Battle of Dyrrhachium was fought between Julius Caesars veteran legions and the Roman Army led by Pompey with the backing of the majority of the senate
(part of Caesar's civil war) After finished battle, Caesar is named dictator
Caesar entry into a war in Egypt
And helps the Cleopatra Julius Caesar ordered a overhaul of the calendar system
It has a regular year of 365 days divided into 12months, and a leap day is added to February every four years
The month of July is named after Julius in his honor
Julius Caesar appoint his grandnephew Octavian as the heir to everything, including his name in 45BC
On March 14, 44BC, Caesar was killed at a session of the Senate.
He was stabbed 23 times by Marcus Brutus and up to 60 senators, who feared Caesar's power was out of control following being named dictator for life The die has been cast!
Alea iacta est! "Sic semper tyrannis!" Brutus shouted this
at the assassination

"Thus always to tyrants"

"Et tu, Brute?" Caesar said,
"Even you, Brutus ?" I consult for Wiki pedia and
Mr.Schick 's blog
& my thoght Triumvirate
I think he is really
smart guy .
But he is very smart, so he was
died eventually.
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