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Life cycle of a millipede

No description

Sonya Ferro

on 19 October 2016

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Transcript of Life cycle of a millipede

The life cycle
At the stage of the nymph or the second stage a millipede is still growing and weirdly have only three pairs of legs or only six legs.
Adult millipede
4.They were the first animals to live on land
5.Some millipedes have poison glands which can burn your skin
6.They can be a nuisance in large numbers
The gestation period of a millipede which means how long the mother carries it around
is 2-10 weeks which is around 2 months 10 days or 70 days.
Extra Information
Life cycle of a millipede
(Aarav Jha)
Millipedes enter the adult stage when they have all their body parts and are fully grown.Adult millipedes lay eggs to produce other
millipedes.Theadult stage is the final one in the millipedes life
1.A millipede curls into a spiral when it dies
2.A millipede can grow up to 15 inches
3.They don't have a nose
7.They contain about 1000 species
8.They live for up to seven years
9.They have eyes shaped like honeycombs
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