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iHTA wordle prezi version for editing

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Claire Beecroft

on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of iHTA wordle prezi version for editing

What are health technologies? Health technologies may be drugs... ...devices such as prostheses... ...or diagnostic/screening tools Why assess health technologies? Current treatments or interventions may not be effective or could be more effective They may also have side effects... ...or need repeating frequently Who pays for it and how? They may be funded by taxation... ...private health insurance... ...public insurance systems... ...or simply out of patients' own pockets This is called reimbursement In many countries, reimbursement will involve a combination of these Every country is different Technologies are then put in categories depending on the benefits they offer... ...and this is based on the findings of the health technology assessment HTA agencies evaluate the trial evidence They conduct a systematic review. In this they ask... What are the overall findings of the available evidence? Can the findings be trusted? Renal Dialysis Console How do we solve this problem? New technologies are developed... This is usually done by industry Some HTA agencies also conduct economic evaluations. Why? A new technology may be effective... ...but some policy-makers want to know
whether it is cost effective Does the new technology save money? This may be by avoiding side-effects of current treatments... ...by improving health generally... ...or by improving quality of life Pricing Once a new technology becomes available or licensed,
how is the price for that technology determined? Sometimes the owner sets the price based on the market Sometimes the price is negotiated based on the findings of the Technology Assessment Sometimes the local Ministry of Health will agree a price with the owner of the technology The course has an international perspective... ...and uses innovative, pioneering online learning methods It is led and taught by world-class and international researchers... To learn more, go tohttp://www.sheffield.ac.uk/scharr/prospective_students/masters/ihtapror email shcarr-ihta@sheffield.ac.uk International Health Technology Assessment,
Pricing and Reimbursement at Sheffield Professor Simon Dixon Professor Alan Brennan Professor Ron Akehurst Professor Ben Van Hout What are health technologies? Images of Firth Court, Regent Court, Simon Dixon, Ron Akehurst, Alan Brennan and
Ben Van Hout © University of Sheffield
Image of child playing on beach © Chris Carroll
All other images by Beakybeecroft, Cavorite, Torsten Mangner, thirteen_of_clubs, e-MagineArt, h dragon and renaissancechambara. Taken from Flickr and used via Creative Commons 'attribution, non-commercial, no derivs' license sheffield It is a leader in this field Sheffield is the only university to offer postgraduate qualifications covering all stages of this process What would you learn on the course ...
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