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Career shadowing

Ros Gabriel T. Calungcaguin Tenth Grade

Ros Gabriel Calungcaguin

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Career shadowing

Career Shadowing I career shadowed Mr. Donn Ligason. He is working at Baycare Homecare and he is a Physical Technician or also called as PT for short. What is a PT? What are the goals of a PT? Improve the patient's muscle strength Improve the patient's range of motion Safe transfer of the patient from one room to the other Ex: bedroom to bathroom Ensuring that the patient understand the instructions given A licensed therapist Help and educate patients that went under surgeries that replaces bones and/or joints. Ex: knee replacement surgery & hip replacement surgery Ensure a newly surgeried patient's home safety Evaluate the patient and assess his/her level of function Provide the needs of the patient Ex: walker, potty chair, crutches etc. ~The Career Shadowing Day~ It is one in the afternoon when we went to the patient's house in Bartow. Note: the patient's name and his house's exact location is kept as secret because of the medical secrecy law. The patient just had a total hip replacement just five months
ago because of a car accident. The first thing that Mr. Ligason did is to ensure the patient's identity by askng his name and date of birth. We then proceeded with their "usual" stretching-like exercises
including bending upwards of the knee and ankle bending. After the exercises, Mr. Donn checked the whole house if it has things that could possibly make the patient slip or trip like rags. Bathroom handles, crutches, potty chair are also checked
if still working properly Earns $46,000 or more each year After everything was checked the patient presented us food. While eating Mr. Ligason asked about several things that concern the new hip, whether if it hurt sometimes or not. According to the patient, if it weren't for PTs like Mr. Ligason, his new hip could have still be hardly movable like the first day after his surgery. My Career Shadowing Experience *We said thank you and good bye with the patient and that's the end of that day. Mr. Donn Ligason Me My twin bro What I like best in this job is the part where you interact with the patients and you got to be friends with them. The only negative side of this job is the location of your patients. Sometimes it could just be within your neighborhood but sometimes it could be an hour trip away. I think this job would be more needed in the future because of people having diabetes which causes hip and knee injuries.
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