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Rite of Passage by Alexei Panshin


Ailin Toro

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Rite of Passage by Alexei Panshin

Rite of Passasge By Alexei Panshin
Won the Nebula Award Setting Main Characters Similarities Plot Differences Rite of Passage by Alexei Panshin is taking place in 2198 and in this time the earth has been destroyed because of overcrowding and the people who had seen what was coming had built ships that could live in space but since they don't want to turn out like earth they can't "free birth". They have to talk to Ship's Eugenics Council and if they say no, they can't have a baby without consequences. On the ships there are no two ways of becoming an adult, there is only one. After you've turned 14 they take you and drop you off on a planet for a month and if you survived that month you are now officially an adult.This process is called trial. The first main character is Mia. She's the daughter of the Ship's Chairman and the person who the entire book is centered on.Another main character is Jimmy. Throughout the book Jimmy is Mia's closest friend even though they share a few kisses but in the end they begin a stronger relationship. Venie, Helen Pak, Riggy Allen, and Attila Szabody were all in a group with Mia and Jimmy. This didn't mean that they were all friends even though Helen and Attila were friends with Mia and Jimmy. A different main character is Mia's dad. He makes the big decisions on the ship and supports Mia on what she does.George is also a main character. He is the pilot and when Mia goes to Grainau he is in charge of watching her. In Rite of Passage there are many similarities between earth and the ships. One of them is that on the ships there are people from all different cultures and on earth there are also a whole variety of cultures. Another similarity is that on the ships you can have normal relationships and have children(although limited) and on earth there are always relationships going on. A third similarity is that they have a democratic government where you can vote for major decisions that happen on the ship and on earth we all have a government, even though not all are democratic. A different similarity is that they have a moment where they grow up, a rite of passage. This moment happens to everyone.Another similarity is that on the ship they have trees and a lot of different species of animals and on earth we have a whole bunch of trees and millions of species of animals. The final reason is that you could still pick your career and that they still have jobs there it's not just that you live there and don't do anything you still work. There are many differences between earth and the ship. One of them is that the ship is like one big building and that building is everyone's home so you're living with thousands of people at your home .Another reason is that if you want to leave the building(the ship) you have to go outside with a spacesuit on or you wouldn't survive. A different reason would be that on the ships there are no stores, if you want something you put in a requisition for it and in a little while it comes. There are also no oceans on the ship. Also on the ships the only place that has plants and trees is on the third floor and on earth we have millions of places where plants and animals make their homes. The last reason the earth and the ships are different is that on earth they don't take us to another planet so we can survive for a month and if we do survive we're adults. Rite of Passage is the story about Mia Havero's trial and big moments in her life that happened before trial. Mia Havero lives on a ship because the earth has been destroyed. Mia's closest friend is Jimmy Dentremont who she meets after her dad makes her move from Alfing Quad to Geo Quad because they both have the same tutor,Mr.Mbele. Mia goes to survival class with Jimmy and when she's there she forms a group which consists of Riggy, Helen, Venie, Attila, Jimmy, and herself. With these people she has a lot of exiting experiences. After Mia's fourteenth birthday she goes off to trial like everyone her age and they land her on a planet called Tintera. Before Mia had gone on trial she had been really edgy because she had been anxious about going. While she was there she sees that the people who live there are "free birthers" which she finds unthinkable. Mia had lost her signal which was her only contact with the ship and without it she might as well have been dead. Later Mia saw that Jimmy had been arrested and decided that she was going to break him out. After she broke him out she used Jimmy's signal to get the ship to come to them and when she was back on the ship she told them about what had happened there and that they were "free birthers" on the planet of Tintera and after making a vote the ship decided to blow Tintera out of existence and Jimmy and Mia decided that they were going to change things on the ship. Earth Destroyed http://oliveventures.com.sg/act/2010/11/22/being-green-makes-her-blue/ New Planets http://flickriver.com/photos/36329240@N06/tags/panshin/ Trial Url is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Edh_J-PqcEI
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