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Hair Transplant Clinic Digital Marketing Proposal

Hair Transplant Clinic Digital Marketing Proposal

Thinking Hat

on 25 April 2015

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Transcript of Hair Transplant Clinic Digital Marketing Proposal

Image by Tom Mooring
We take pride introducing ourselves as
Thinking Hat
, a full Service Marketing Agency.
Who Are We!
Strategy Consulting
Content Services
Lead Generation
Digital Marketing
Campaign Planning & Execution
Business Analytics
Traditional / Offline Marketing
Our Forte
Quick Digital Facts
97% of all online consumers use online media when researching products and services.
Even if the purchase is made offline
of the businesses websites do not rank in search engine's results at all!!!
People can find store location and hours
They can find Telephone number and Email address whenever required
They can read about Products and Services
They can read credible customer Testimonials
They can learn about Products and Promotions
They can buy Products and Services
Advantages of Websites that Rank
Digital Marketing
Digital marketing is
cost effective
as compared to other traditional marketing media tools
Easy to
as it has high degree of
Can attract
genuine prospects
which later convert into leads
Digital marketing is a proven
recession proof
marketing strategy as compared to other traditional marketing tools
Fast and easy access
Cost Effective
Focused and specific
Instantaneous Feedback
Create personalized messages
Wider geographical reach
Brand Engagement
Long-Term Exposure
In Short, Digital Marketing is:
Supply and Demand
Competitor's Social Metrics
Capturing the entire Online Media, and standing ahead of the competitors; would definitely help
Hair Transplant Clinic
establish themselves as
and acquire surplus
Return On Investment
Prakash Rao Sunkara
Keywords and Competitors Rankings on
Organic Search
Digital Marketing Proposal
Facebook Reach
Take Away
Hair Transplant Clinic could have targeted the right set of audience on Facebook and captured the market.
Take Away
There is a huge scope of tapping the Social market and becoming the industry leader.
Take Away
Hair Transplant Clinic is not ranking on the first page of Google for any of the top keywords.
There are multiple mediums - SEO, PPC, Local Listings, to leverage on; for a particular keyword on Google. Hair Transplant clinic could use all these mediums and be the top in industry.
VCare Trichology Clinic is performing better on Social comparatively.
Lost Opportunity

Competitors Social Engagement
Along with the promotional posts, competitors are engaging the social audience with special offers and generic posts; thereby increasing the community.
Take Away
Competitors Search Rankings
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