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Lighthouse Company Presentation September 2015

No description

Lighthouse Lighthouse

on 21 December 2015

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Transcript of Lighthouse Company Presentation September 2015

International consultancy boutique founded in 1999
Lighthouse Russia
What do our
clients need?
Who are our clients?
Lighthouse Russia
Lighthouse solutions
Business intelligence
1. Background checks
Business development
1. Individual matchmaking
2. Lead generation and sales support
3. Trade missions
4. Clients relationship management
5. Project management
6. Legal and organizational support
7. Establishing of a local office
8. Staffing solutions
1. What is Russia: cultural comparison
with the West 

A. Pre-arrival trainings
B. In-depth trainings
2. Training for expats and their families
3. General guidelines for working and
living in Russia
C. Mentorship
Russian business environment
Negotiating in Russia
and motivation
Relationship management and networking
Other topics upon request
Dealing with foreigners:
Russian View
Compliance and business ethics
Market intelligence in Russia
4. Bridging the performance gap
Your business partner and expert in Russia
3. Governmental organizations
International organizations:
Organizations that are:
4. Facilitation of brainstorming and decision -
2. Assessment of the company's potential on the Russian market
3. Strategy for entering or developing the Russian market
4. Reliable business partners in Russia
1. Multinational companies
2. Small and medium size enterprises
1. Entering the Russian market
2. Doing business in/with Russia
3. Localized in Russia (local office,
subsidiary or joint venture)
Why Lighthouse?
1. Over 20 years of business experience in Russia
2. Locally based in the changing Russian environment
7. Transparent and continuous involvement of the client
during project execution

5. Providing practical and efficient instruments
3. "In two skins": foreign & Russian background of the

4. Customized and personal approach to executing

6. Personal involvement of key management in project

Client gains
2. Insights and expert opinion
3. Hands-on support and guidance
7. Efficient use of resources
8. Access to new market segments
Sectors of expertise
4. International institutions
1. Independent and critical overview of the Russian market
7. Stable operations on the Russian market
5. Organizational advice
2. Business development strategy with
several options
1. Market entry plan
1. Saved time and money
4. Practical solutions and action plans
5. Transparency of their business in Russia
Oil and Gas
Lighthouse portfolio
Food processing
Food and Beverage
Green technologies
Consumer goods
Transport and logistics
Our clients
“Jeroen was our guest-speaker during a meeting of our Russia desk with a presentation on doing business in Russia. With his vast experience, Jeroen has remarkable knowledge on the business environment in Russia.
Apart from the very helpful do's and the don'ts, there were a number of eye-openers that should be elementary for anyone who is doing business in Russia.
During the presentation, Jeroen facilitated questions & discussions with lots of ease which resulted in a very inter-active and entertaining session.”
Loyens & Loeff
Harmen Zeven, Partner
Loyens & Loeff NV
“The Lighthouse Group has been a very trustworthy partner during our first adventures in Russia. They supported us actively with good advice and offered us their profound experience of the Russian Market.

Truly they are one of the most important reasons why we were able to put our first steps on Russian soil successfully. We would have never been able to do it without them.“
Dago van Balberghe, Export Manager
Royal Haskoning DHV
Frank Wetzels, Director Business Unit Industry,
Energy & Mining, HaskoningDHV Nederland B.V.
"It was a good experience working with Lighthouse Russia BV. Team was very committed to do the job. Good and extensive report and open for discussion. Good service and value for money.

Lighthouse knows the Russian business culture and is able to bridge to European culture and to our requirements for doing business. A good recommendation."
“Lighthouse offered us professional help, practical guidelines and a good connection with their Russian network.
Fast delivery, practical solutions and a good price/quality level are key words for our cooperation.
The team of Lighthouse in Moscow proved to be pro-active, flexible."
Tsubakimoto Europe
Jean-Paul Frishert, Financial Director,
Tsubakimoto Europe BV
From all over the world
6. Optimal performance on the Russian market
6. Legal, organizational and hands-on support
1. Regular feedback on issues arising while
doing business in Russia
5. Solutions and suggestions on bridging the performance gap
9. Ad-hoc problem solving
8. Market share increase
10. Intercultural awareness / training
3. Selection of partners and distribution
2. Market research and analysis
3. Expert advice on the client's request
4. Business potential assessment
5. Performance gap analysis
6. Analysis of the organizational set-up
Loyens & Loeff NV
Project management
Organizational development in Russia
Corporate governance
Based in Moscow, Russia
Expert and thought leader in doing business in Russia
Practical experience in business strategy, business development and business establishment in Russia
2. Best practice solutions based on previous
experience and practical cases
5. Post-examination on previous and new

model of behavior
4. Facilitation of brainstorming and decision -
1. Regular feedback on issues arising while
2. Best practice solutions based on previous
3. Guidance and practical advice
doing business in Russia
experience and practical cases
5. Post-examination on previous and new

model of behavior
6. Second opinion
Contact info
E-mail: info@thelighthousegroup.ru
Phone: +7 (495) 980 09 79
Website: http://www.thelighthousegroup.ru
Lighthouse Team
Jeroen Ketting
Consultant at Lighthouse with more than 3 years of business consulting experience.
Mariam Arevadze
Founder of the Lighthouse Russia BV.
Anastasia Nazarenko
Senior consultant at the Lighthouse Russia BV for more than six years.
Svetlana Khmelevskaya
Partner of the Lighthouse Russia BV.
Publicist, moderator and speaker on Russia related topics in international media.
Business trainer on Russian culture and doing business in Russia.
Dutch national, living and working in Russia since 1994.
Possesses knowledge of the Russian business environment and culture together with a good understanding of the European business culture.
Consultant on complex HR and organizational improvement projects in Russian and international enterprises.
Certified ICF executive coach.
More than 12 years of profound managerial and consulting experience in Russia.
Graduated from the Moscow State University and the University of Peoples Friendship (Honors).
Specialist in political sciences and international law.
Fluent in English and Spanish.
Experience in market research and identifying main challenges and opportunities on their basis.
Assisted clients from a wide range of sectors of the economy, ranging from IT services, automotive spare parts, medical solutions, to agricultural and industrial equipment.
Geert Groenewegen
Master of science in Marketing, Economics and Horticultural science.
Lighthouse expert on development of Russian market entry strategy.
Involved in multiple Lighthouse projects on partner search, individual matchmaking and composition of market entry plans.
Alexandra Begaeva
Head of the law firm “Begaeva and partners”
Doctor of Legal Science, member of the expert committee of the Federal Agency for State Property Management
Lighthouse expert on legal practices of foreign companies in the Russian market.
Adviser on legal issues and support to the clients of Lighthouse for more than 4 years
Experience in market research and development of supply chain strategy and management, creation of collaborative business environments
Over 25 years practical business experience.
Business consultant with more than 20 years of experience of assisting Western companies in Russia in strategic advice and business development.
Advising companies from Western Europe, USA, Japan, Brazil, India & South Africa.
Business trainer on Russian cultural awareness, Russian business environment and doing business in Russia.
Lecturer at the Economics faculty of the Moscow State University.
Deputy-Chairman of the Energy Efficiency Committee of the Association of European Businesses.
Radmila Kurbangulova
Junior consultant at Lighthouse.
Involved in Lighthouse projects on business intelligence, business support and marketing.
Involved in the family business from an early age.
Professional yoga coach for 3 years in Russia and abroad.
Bachelor in Business Administrations, Switzerland (Honors).
Fluent in English and Dutch.
Maria Maurus
Involved in Lighthouse projects on business intelligence, business support and marketing with a focus on Belgian and Dutch companies.
BA in Linguistics and preparing for an MA in Intercultural Communication at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow
Studied in the Netherlands and Belgium
2014 Russian champion in acrobatics.
Co-author of the book “In de Spiegel” (ISBN: 9789054293514).
Performed executive roles in the leading private and governmental Russian organizations, where she executed complex HR and organizational improvement projects.
Participated in consultancy projects and studies for EBRD, UNDP, World Bank, Dutch government in the area of Energy Efficiency Improvement and Renewable Energy.
Lived and worked for 6 years in Switzerland and Belgium.
Fluent in English and studies French.
Junior consultant at Lighthouse.
Involved in multiple Lighthouse projects on legal audit of enterprises and assessment of key problems and risks of the management and ownership structures.
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