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Copy of What is Adventure?

My life is and has been about snowboarding for over a decade. What was once all about adventures in the ski resort slowly shifted into the backcountry. Each one of these photos represents days if not weeks of my life. Enjoy!

Cori Bucherl

on 8 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of What is Adventure?

What is Adventure?
According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary it is defined as
1: an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks
2: an exciting or remarkable experience
3: an enterprise involving financial risk

I thought I would add a few examples
And Dealing with
the obstacles that
get in your way
It's heading off into the unknown
and having your limits tested
It's experiencing new places
And meeting new faces
It's taking in your surroundings
And stopping to smell the flowers
It's the excitement you feel
before snowboarding down
And the fear you feel
while climbing up
and the agony of defeat
It's the coldness of a
winter night
and the warmth of a
summer sun
It's feeling defeated
and returning another day
It's the joy of succcess
and trusting in the wild
It's learning from your mistakes
and making the same ones over and over
It's testing you Limits
It's striving for and succeeding in personal goals
and thinking of fresh new ideas
It's waking up at sunrise
And riding down at sunset
It's the times we share with friends
And the times we share with ourselves
It's a calm winter day
Or a stormy spring night
It's leaving your map behind.
And regretting it the next day
It's the ignorance of youth
and the stubbornness of adulthood
It's planning a week ahead
or surviving day to day
It's taking the beaten path
or making your own
Needless to Mention
River crossings
Random holes
and sunburns
Now lets review the
definition of
Join us August 12th at the Seattle Mountaineers as Jason Hummel , Lowell Skoog and me as we talk about our obsessions with the American Alps Traverse.
It's getting lost in the mountains
and the objects along the way
1: an undertaking usually involving
danger and unknown risks
2: an exciting or remarkable experience
According to the Merriam-Websters
Dictionary it is full of

and all of my friends past and present
Thank You to everyone I have encountered along the way and everyone who has made this Adventure Possible
3: an enterprise involving
financial risk
Music is Fake Empire by The National
remixed by Ryan Lewis
Photography by
Jason Hummel
Kyle Miller
Terry Schmidbauer
and Tex
Special Thanks to Eddie Bauer and K2
for supporting this wild adventure

Special Thanks to
Eddie Bauer and K2
for keeping this adventure alive
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