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Classical Influence on Modern Day Holidays

No description

Jade Wells

on 22 March 2011

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Transcript of Classical Influence on Modern Day Holidays

The Holiday Roman The Roman Year Ianuarius Martius Aprilis Maius Iunius Iulius Augustus September October November December Februarius New Years Christmas Lupercalia/valentines Roman Calender Roman Newyear Matronalia Feriae Marti Second Equirra Bacchanalia Venerlia Ludi Megalenses Ludi Cereales Fordicidia Parilia Vinalia Urbana Robigalia Ludi Florales Bona Dea Lemuria Mercuralia Vejovis Matronalia Feriae Marti Bacchanalia Agonalia Quinquatria Tubilustriam Vestalia Quinquatrus Adonia Poplifugia Ludi Apollinares Nonae Caprotinae Juno Caprotinia Lucaria Neptunalia Opalia Ventumnalia Nemoralia Portunalia Vinalia Rustica Ludi Romani Festival of Venus Grenetrix ieiunium Cereris Meditrinalia Fontinalia Equirria Armilustrium Ludi Plebeii Consualia Vulcanalia Opicansivia Vulternalia Festival of Sol Festival for Feronia Epulum Jovis Mundus anniversary of the battle of Arausio Bona Dea Faunalia Agonolia Saturnalia Eponalia Opalia Consualia Brumalia Kalends Ianuarius Compitalia Agonalia Apollo Festival Parentalia Lupercalia Quirinalia Feralia Terminalia Festival of Salus Greek Have video of both Valentine's Day Lupercalia
Ceramonial Process Based on the Roman
festival of Lupercalia Ceremony The Birthday Saturnalia Sound
familiar? Do you know were our Christmas traditions come from? Temporary equal
rights for slaves Juvinalia Charity for the poor Indulgence of children Christmas trees Gifts Evergreen bows Christmas Gifts These examples show the heavy influence of pagan festivals in our holiday celebrations
Valentine's Card Cupid In ancient Greece, birthday celebrations were held for both men and the gods. Zodiac signs The golden ram from Jason
and the Arganouts Zeus as the bull when he carries away Europa Castor and Pollux The Nemian Lion Amaltha Classics in Culture
Influences on the Modern World The Heart Origins of the Birthday Party Happy Saturnalia, Lupercalia and have a happy birthday Other Birthday Traditions Capricorn Aries Taurus Gemini Leo Saturnalia honoured the God Saturn from the 17th to the 25th At the Temple of Saturn a lamb would be sacrificed followed by a feast During this week class order was dismissed. Slaves were treated as freedmen, they wore informal clothes called the sythesis and gambeling was promitted in public. Gifts were given during the Sigillaria such as fruits, nuts, candles and dolls made of dough or terra-cotta Feasting in honour of Saturn Feasting in honour of Christ Cyrene In Cyrene , large fennel plants called Silphium had seed pods in the shape of hearts These seeds were used as a food, medicine , aphrodisiac and contraceptive This encouraged sexual activity The Lovers lottery The Lovers Lottery was celebrated on the eve of Lupercalia , Febuary 14th on the Roman calender Names of young women would be placed into an urn and a boy would draw a name from it. The boy and the girl would then form a temporary union for pre-lupercalia celebrations Due to astrology they were able to determine their dates of birth Birthday celebrations of men such as the Emporor inclued parades and gladitorial combat.
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