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A Cladogram of Sorts

No description

Laurel Anderson

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of A Cladogram of Sorts

Bilateral Symmetry
3 Tissue Layers Protostome Ecdysozoa Trochophore Ancestral Prokaryotes Plants Choanoflagellates Fungi Porifera Cnidarians Annelids Gastropods Cephalopods Bivalves Flatworms Roundworms Arachnids Insects Crustaceans Echinoderms Invertabrate
Chordates Jawless
Fish Cartilaginous
Fish Bony
Fish Mammals Reptiles Crocodilians Birds Dinosaurs Membrane Bound
Nuclei Protected
Embryos Chloroplasts Heterotrophism Spongin Tissues Psuedocoelom Exoskeleton Deuterostome Amphibians Dorsal Nerve Cord
Notochord Vertebrae Jaws
Paired Appendages Bony Skeleton
Amniotic Egg
Keratinization Legs Mammary
Hair Shelled Eggs Scales Endothermic Feathers Radial Symmetry
Stinging Cells Two Part Shell Torsion Setae Chelicerae Water
System Six Legs Double
Antennae 4-Chambered
Heart Swim
Bladders 3-Chambered
Heart Pedicellate
Teeth Teethlike
Scales 2 Degree
Palate Pore-Like
Gills 4-Chambered
Heart 3-Chambered
Heart Cell Walls
Made of
Chitin 2-Chambered
Hearts 2-Chambered
Heart 2-Chambered
Heart Sac Gut Sac Gut Algae An Abbreviated History of Evolution Ingestion Multicellular Cephalization Cephalization Cephalization Coelom Coelom Coelom Lensed Eyes Tube Gut Tube Gut Tube Gut Antennae By Laurel Anderson 2-Tissue Layers
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