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Martin Retai

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of STORYTELLER Project

Our aim is to provide our audience with a authentic sources An art lover A designer from New York An architect from London A Parisien chéf person If you are such a PocketGuide can help you to reach new audiences through the simplest tool in everyone’s pocket: SMARTPHONES Turn the narrative layers of the City into inhabited, lived places We are looking for the tool Discover a city through personal perspectives, guided by people who love to share stories and tales: - World’s leading audio city guide mobile app
- 86 cities and 100s of tours worldwide.
- 2million users, with a monthly growth of
200.000 new users
- partnerships with booking engines, airlines,
hotels, and many more; and also strategic
partners for example with T-mobile and Samsung. Let us introduce you to our Storyteller platform You can send us your script And we can turn it into
a mobile app in 2 weeks This is a new channel! We will give you the platform, but you will be the brand! Due to our strategic partnerships your content will be channeled for free Furthermore you could also earn money: 30 % revenue share (iPhone, Android Market) You do not have to spend money as PocketGuide produces your tour absolutely free of charge so could enjoy the benefit immediately Thank you PocketGuide Today
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