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90 Miles To Havana

No description

Ashley B.

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of 90 Miles To Havana

90 Miles to Havana
90 Miles to Havana has a lexile of 790. It is on the Battle of the Books list. This book is Realistic Fiction. This book takes place in the summer of 1953 in Havana, Miami, and an immigrant refugee camp.
Characters: Julian and Gordo
Julian is a Cuban boy with two older brothers. He always feels like his brothers think he is too little to do anything. He always wants to be more independent.
Gordo is the middle brother, he can be very bossy and loves to pick fights. He is also protective over Julian when it comes to bullies at school.
Characters: Angelita and Caballo
Angelita is Julian's neighbor who he meets at the camp in Miami. Angelita is very clever and is always trying to help. She never tells Julian he's too small too do something.
Caballo is the school bully who Julian runs into again at the refugee camp. He picks on everyone and always gets his way. Most people put up with him because he gets to decide who gets to visit Miami on Saturdays .
Summary: Part One
After losing the biggest fish they had ever hooked, Julian's brothers think more than ever, that he is too small too do anything. When they return home, and see people throwing things out their windows and yelling, Julian's mother explains that a revolution has begun. Julian's good friend and neighbor, Angelita, moves to Miami, to escape the revolution.
Then, when a government family moves into Angelita's old house, Gordo decides to play a trick on the new family's son. When the mother comes to complain about Gordo, she threatens to send all three boys to a Cuban work camp. Refusing to send her children to work camps, Julian's mother decides to send them instead to a refugee camp in Florida. She hides her prized possession, a golden swallow pin, with Julian. She tells him they will sell it once she and Julian's father get to America.

Summary: Part Two
Once they arrive at the refugee camp, they find that Agelita and her younger brother are there as well because their parents couldn't get tickets out of Cuba. They also find out that the school bully, Caballo, is at the camp as well. One day, Julian, Angelita, and her brother sneak out of the camp to pick tomatoes, and earn money. Julian is introduced to Thomas, an inventor and Cuban refugee.
After a while, they start to play tricks on Caballo, and Caballo gets Julian's brothers sent to an orphanage far away. Tired of Caballo, Julian decides to escape and live with Thomas. When he arrives at Thomas' house, he finds out that Thomas is planning to take a boat back to Cuba and bring his parents, along with some other people to America.
After an expensive compass and some of the gas for the boat were stolen, Thomas knows he won't have enough to make it to and back from Cuba. Julian decides to give Thomas the golden swallow, so he can sell it for gas. After they return from Cuba, Julian finds out that his parents made it into America, and are living with his uncle in Connecticut. He goes to live with them and a few days after he gets there, he gets the gold swallow in the mail, with a note from Thomas telling him how how bought it back for him.
What does the main character learn about himself?
The main character learns that he is big enough to do anything if he sets his mind to it. He also learns that he doesn't have to rely on his brothers to make decisions for him.
Characters: Alquilino and Thomas
Alquilino is Julian's oldest brother. He is calmer than Gordo, but will still sometimes lose his head. He is usually quiet and logical.
Thomas is Julian's friend that he meets in Miami. He left Cuba unauthorized and plans to return and bring his parents to Florida. He invents things for a living.
How does this book relate to the world around me?
This book relates to the world around me because the Cuban Revolution was an actual event that took place in 1953, and today talk of letting Cuba back into the Global Trading System is a controversial topic.
90 Miles To Havana
By: Enrique Flores-Galbis

Why did I chose this book?
I chose this book, because it was on the Battle of the Books list, and I thought it would be interesting to learn about a historical event from the point of view of someone who experienced it first hand.
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