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The rules of internet safety!

This is my prezi on staying safe online!

katherine clarke

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of The rules of internet safety!

The rules of internet safety!
The reason why there are rules on the internet.
There are rules for the internet because the police and most people want children to be safe, but unfortunately their are people who want to hurt children like you.
1st RULE
Always ask your mum and dad before signing up to a game.This is so they know what your doing online.
2nd RULE
3rd and the MOST important RULE is!
Make sure you always have fun on what ever game your playing but ALWAYS keep safe on the internet, because we don't want you to get hurt.
If you have already told your mum and dad about you going online then make sure when you play on games if your game involves you adding friends ONLY add people who you know, not some random person your mum was just talking to.
If you talk to strangers on the internet then you have no idea how old they are or what they look like because they have a secret identity behind the screen that you don't know.If you talk to people on the internet then they could be pretending to be someone that their not. eg an old man could psay that he was a young fourteen year old girl.
A song!
Do you know how dangerous the internet can be?
No you don't well let me explain to you.Firstly if you were on Instagram and you got a friend request saying there a friend of a friends. Then you never know if its true or not, and you could put your self in a serious setuation so don't say yes to someone you don't know.
Help is here!
Have you got your self in serious trouble but don't know how to save your self. Well look carefully because i'm here to help you here are some people to contact.
Famous websites.
Snap chat
It all started when my mum didn't want me to go on this website that all my friends were on. She said that if I went on it I could have pressed the friend button to someone I didn't know and that could be very dangerous, but i didn't listen to her she was telling a bunch of lies.
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