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6th Grade Lesson CCELA6RL4, RI4, and L4: Roots and Affixes

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Lisa Gasser

on 5 February 2015

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Transcript of 6th Grade Lesson CCELA6RL4, RI4, and L4: Roots and Affixes

Task at Hand
Importance of Roots and Affixes
Common Core State Standards will require 55% of texts to be informational.
The remaining 45% of text will be literature based.
Therefore, reading comprehension will be heavily stressed.
Solitude contains the prefix sol- which means alone.
6th Grade Reading Common Core Standards
Reading for Literature: 9 strands are under this standard, RL.1-RL.10 (there is no RL.8)
Reading for Information: 10 strands are under this standard, RI.1-RI.10

7th Grade Reading: Roots and Affixes Lesson

A Roots and Affixes Lesson will encompass standards: R.L.4, R.I.4, L.4, and L.6.

What are Root words?
Affixes are categorized into two branches: prefixes (at the beginning of a word) and suffixes (at the end of words).
Root words are word parts with origins in another language. They are the foundation or the core of words.
What are base words?

Base words cannot be reduced into smaller word parts.
Knowledge of roots and affixes allows readers to decipher the meaning of words.
Application of Roots and Affixes
Due to the high noise level of her nine family member household, Ashley enjoyed the
that reading in the library afforded.

What does the unfamiliar word mean?

Similar but very different
- at the beginning of a word and they change the meaning of the original word.
Ex. Happy (root)
add prefix
and the word becomes
, changing the meaning of the word.

- at the end of the word and they determine the part of speech.
Ex. Run
add suffix
and the word becomes
, changing the part of speech from a verb to a noun.

A Resource for Root Words and Affixes
10 Roots you must know for Test:
1. Ped foot
2. Man hand
3. Spec see/watch
4. Audi hear
5. Scrib(pt) write
6. Port carry
7. Bio life
8. Dic(t) say/declare
9. Mis(s)/Mit send
10. Cred believe
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