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Msci 206 ERP System Evaluation

No description


on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Msci 206 ERP System Evaluation

Msci 206 ERP System Evaluation
Connor Brindley
Henry Lam
Liam Bond
Timothy Cheng

General Ledger
Advanced Allocation
Financial Planning
Accounts Payable
Accounts Recrivable
Credit & Collection
Tax Connect
Cash Management
Credit Card Processing
Asset Management
Advanced Financial Reporting
Financial Management
Supply Chain Management
Purchase Management
Supplier Connect
Purchase Contracts
Distribution Requirements Planning
Supplier Relationship Management
Inventory Management
Advanced Material Management
Shipping & Receiving
Warehouse Management
Production Management
Job Management
Advanced Production
Lean Production
Manufacturing Execution System
Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence
Quality Assurance
Enhanced Quality Assurance
Planning & Scheduling
Project Management
Forecasting & Production Scheduling
Material Requirement Planning
Resource Management
Multi-site Management
Project Planning & Analysis
Project Billing
Resource Management
Time Management
Product Data Management
Service Management
Bill of Materials (BOM)
Engineering Change & Revision Control
Product Lifecycle Management
Product Costing
Product Configuration
Contract Managemnt
Field Service
Case Management
Human Capital Management
Recruitment Management
Performance Management
Reporting & Analytics
Training & Development
Position Control & Budgeting
Sales Management
Estimate & Quote Management
Order Management
Demand Management
Point of Sale
Commerce Connect
Supplier Connect
Customer Connect
Customer Relationship Management
Contact Management
Marketing Management
Campaign Connect
Lead & Opportunity Management
Case Management
Enterprise Performance Management
Governance, Risk & Compliance
Global Business Management
Tracker & Dashboards
Advanced Financial Reporting
Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting
Financial Planner
Operational Data Store & Data Warehousing
Content Packs
Scorecards & KPIs
Multi-Company Management
Multi-Currency Management
Global Multi-site Management
Multi-Lingual Data Management
Master Data Management
Risk Managemnt
Business Process Management
Corporate Governance
Global Trade Compliance
Environmental & Energy Management
Financial Management
Supply Chain Management
Production Management
Planning & Scheduling
Project Management
Product Data Management
Service Management
Human Capital Management
Sales Management
Customer Relationship Management
Enterprise Performance Management
Governance, Risk and Compliance
Business Architecture
Global Business Management
Compatibility (Software)
Window Server (2008R2 and 2012 operating systems)
SQL Server (2008R2 and 2012 data bases)
NET Framework 4.51, Internet Information Services, Window Activation Services, TCP Port Sharing for Security Configuration
Capable of running on all window version (except XP)
Support all major browser for Epicor Web Access
Compatibility (Hardware)
For a 200-user system, Epicor recommends the following:
16-core Intel Xeon Machine with 96 GB RAM
I/O accelerator for SQL data storage service
Epicor 10 also support cloud-based service for the system to be run on mobile platform
Training service that Epicor offers to its clients:
On-site and Remote Classroom Training
E-learning resources (multiple languages)
Learning Management System
User Conferences
Technical and End Users Reference Guides

The establishment of Epicor University offers live learning for different job roles on the use of the system and materials on new features for users to update their knowledge.
Vendor Support
Epicors goal, as stated on their website, is to “constantly improve user experiences”
Remote Consulting
Client List Server and Data Access
On-Call Web Conferencing User Support
Product Maturity
10 Versions of the ERP system have been created
Epicor kept their last ERP system for 6 years
Good reviews of the product

Vendor Stability
Epicor has been in business for 43 years.
Serves a large customer base and very financially stable.
Bought by the U.K based private equity firm "apex" in 2011
Access Security
Business Security
Change Logs
Audit Logs
Credit Card Authorization & Encryption
昨Epicor Software Corporation
Founded in 1972
Design for key industries: Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Hospitality and Services
ERP systems for deployment via on-premise or Software as a service (Saa S)
Suited to small/medium size companies with vast expierience of working with companies of that size
Price advantage – Microsoft ($3000 per user), Oracle (4000 per person), SAP ($2300 per user), Epicor ($2100 per user)
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