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No description

Shelby Andersen

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Aphrodite

Aphrodite is the
goddess of love
and beauty.

Ares is the
god of war.
Eros is the
god of love.
When Aphrodite was born, Zeus worried about
all the other gods fighting for her hand in
marriage, so he married her off to Hephaestus.
Zeus was pleased to see that Hephaestus made Aphrodite jewels and a golden girdle with magic woven into it. This was not wise of Hephaestus though because when Aphrodite wore the girdle she was even more irresistible than she was before.
When the Trojan war broke out the gods split up into pro-Greek and pro-Trojan, Ares was unsure about which side he would choose. At first, he promised Athena and Hera he would help the Greeks but, Aphrodite convinced him to break that promise and help her and the Trojans. As soon as the fighting commenced the gods descended onto the battlefield to support their favorites. Ares lead the Trojans but was injured by Diomedes and Athena, and forced away from the battle.
Eros is the Greek God that is like cupid. If he shot someone with one of his arrows that was white or silver, they would fall in love with whoever he wanted them to. On the other hand, if he shot someone with an arrow of lead, they would hate
whoever Eros wanted them to. Once Eros fell in love with a mortal, named Pysche. He made sure that she never saw him in the light, otherwise she would know he was a God. One night she snuck and saw him and Eros got mad and left for good, until Aphrodite had came up with 3 tasks for Pysche to prove her love was true. I she prevailed, Aphrodite would allow her son and Pysche to marry. Psyche passed, and was granted immortality at Eros request. Pysche is now the god of Soul.
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