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Tutorial Of Prezi

Prezi Tutorial

Zeb Cottrill

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of Tutorial Of Prezi

Tutorial Of Prezi First First How to add text Double click First How to add Text Double Click and Type Second How to move text and other things Click on text or other thing Then click on the middle of the Zebra Tool and hold it to drag around Third How to edit text Just doudle click on the text Fourth How to use the Zebra Tool Click on something The middle of the tool is where you move something The next ring is how you adjust the size by going up and down The big one is how you turn it Fifth How to save On top of the screen there's a button that say's save click it Six How to change the color On the top left click on the circle that say's colors and fonts Choose one of the circles Seventh How to enter pictures On the top left of the screen press the cicle that says insert Then click on load file Choose a picture Eighth How to delete stuff Click on something Click on the plus sign Then click delete Ninth How to add shapes On the top left click insert then shapes Pick a shape Tenth How to add frames On the top left click on frame Pick a frame and make it the size of your stuff Eleventh How to create a path On the top left click on path Then click on the things you want to show Then go to show to show it on the top left
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