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Earths Spheres: Volcanic Eruptions

No description

Abigail Nemec

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Earths Spheres: Volcanic Eruptions

4 Spheres
Definition: The gaseous envelope of air surrounding earth.

Interaction: When volcanoes erupt, they emit a mixture of gases and particles into the air. Such as: Ash.
Definition: The rocks, mountains, lithosphere plates and other physical features of the earth, except for water.

Interaction: The magma from the volcano makes it so rocks are being pushed out from the surface. It then becomes lava. Lava causes a change in land surface.
Definition: All living organisms in the earth system and their environments.

Interaction: The lava from the eruption destroys any plant-life in the way of its path.
Earth's Spheres: Volcanic Eruptions
1. Hydrosphere
2. Geosphere
3. Atmosphere
4. Biosphere
Definition: All the water in the earth's system.

Interaction: The ash from the eruption pollutes water bodies that are located nearby the site of the volcano. It can also effect the water supply.
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