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Robert Frost: Allusion to Modern Day Energy Conservation

Display of modern day allusions of Frost's "The Road Not Taken" poem, to "A Road Not Taken" documentary on solar energy

Justin Pflug

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of Robert Frost: Allusion to Modern Day Energy Conservation

A WORLD WITHOUT ENERGY WIll CEASE TO EXIST The solar energy documentary "A Road Not Taken" alludes to Robert Frost's poem, "The Road Not Taken" Started and based on the placement of solar panels on the top of the White House by Jimmy Carter during his administration in a time of a "severe energy crisis" following the carter administration, Reagan came to the White house and promptly removed the solar panels THREE MAIN ALLUSIONS Theme of the documentary President Carter's speech "Be an example of a road not taken" Title IS THIS REALLY POSITIVE? “You have to be careful of that one; it’s a tricky poem—very tricky”. Individualistic and nonconformist view Pride and regret Edward Thomas All interpretations could be correct Museum Piece Work Cited
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