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Non-Verbal Communication in the Hospitality and Tourism Indu

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Sky Heaps

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Non-Verbal Communication in the Hospitality and Tourism Indu

Non-Verbal Communication
Messages expressed by other than linguistic means and includes messages transmitted by vocal cues.

Crucial to our industry!

Links to Emotional Contagion Theory (Relates to service satisfaction)
Non-Verbal Communication in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
Kinesics with Customers
-Body Positioning to improve satisfaction (Be more open!)

-Eye contact and smiling to support your verbal communication

Individual Factors with Coworkers
-Tone of voice can determine how you lead

-Handshaking is key in the workplace

-Self Presentation (appearance Professional vs. Casual)
External Factors with Coworkers
-Environment: A well-designed environment can improve positive and energetic attitudes in the workplace. This can affect the mood of your coworkers which affects their non-verbal communication.

-Time: Employees wait on managers for meetings, interviews, and more. (What's the longest time you've waited for a higher up?)

-Faster replies = improved credibility and reliability
External Factors with Customers
-Environment: With a well-designed area, expressions on customers can increase positively. This influences gestures, attitudes and their experience!

-Time: The longer a guest spends time at the business, employees have more time to understand and interpret nonverbal communication to cater to needs!

-Faster Service = Better Business
-Different cultures use different forms of nonverbal communication and interpret it differently. (Eye contact can be interpreted differently)

-Genders (Feminine related Genders vs. Masculine related Genders)

-Overall Interpretation (It's fluid depending on the experiences of the person)
Kinesics with Coworkers
-Body Positioning (Know what type of message you are sending, and how it can be interpreted)

-Eye Contact

-Monitoring use of Gestures (Does everyone remember what Illustrators are?)

Individual Factors with Customers
-Tone of voice affects how warm, and receptive you are! (Smile when speaking on the phone)

-Making physical contact with your customers (A touch on the shoulder, may result in a better tip! Experiences anyone?)

-Dress to impress your guest! (So are uniforms better than this new trend we are heading in as professional-casual?)
Thank You! :)
Any Questions?
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