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The Pinnacles!

No description

Oriana Hansell-Pune

on 29 November 2016

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Transcript of The Pinnacles!

The Pinnacles!
Overall through the few days of staying at the Hut I learned that you need teamwork to get through the long trail.

You needed to stay positive even though you thought your legs were jelly.
The Pinnacles
Well, what do I say about the Pinnacles?

It had it's ups and
The Preparation
The preparation towards the actual camp was lots of fun.

Soldier runs and timing runs were our exercises every morning and sometimes the afternoon. When we finally got to the track we were ready and prepared for the walk ahead.

The Hut Ranger / Warden
Our Hut Ranger / Warden was Lester. He was very kind and showed us a Slide-Show about how the bush-men cut down the trees and sent them downstream for the Lockwood Homes people in Thames to make houses and other things.
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