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Motivation International Exchange:CAL POLY

No description

Federica Biancon

on 14 July 2015

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Transcript of Motivation International Exchange:CAL POLY

Why an
Exchange Program?

Why should we choose you?
Why in the U.S?
What about your dreams?
So....may I book the flight?
Federica in 3 words
Set up a high social impact start-up in the next 5 years
Because it would be my first international experience
Because I have always desired to spend a period of my life abroad, but I haven't got the possibility yet

Because nothing special comes from comfort zone
Because I attended the courses of
Organizational Behaviour
with prof R. Shani and
Organizational Theory and Design
with prof. F. Coget and I find the
learning by doing
method an effective and distinctive practice.
Because it is incredibly close to the
Silicon Valley
and I want to breath personally the atmosphere of the most successful and innovative area in the World
Because it has a
technical basis
close to Polimi ones
Because every outstanding person in history has been given a chance once
Because American Culture has always fascinated me
Because U.S is the center of culture production worldwide
Because I am fond of Music, and U.S Generated 99,9% of my favourite Artist
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