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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challen

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Rehnuma Hoque

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of In what ways does your media product use, develop or challen

Evaluation Part 1

Sound is a vital convention when it comes to thriller openings due to the different music themes which produce different moods and feel for the films. For instance jumpy and quite scary music which are played in each scene massively aid to film in building great tension. Furthermore, an addition sound component which is vital is the pitch of the sounds of stabs such as screeches. Take for instance the shower scene from ‘Psycho’ by Alfred Hitchcock when the character is being stabbed. The sound of her screaming and the stabbing sounds add to the horror and suspense to the film to give it its thrilling genre. Another aspect of sound which are used to contribute to providing the thrill to the genre are diegetic and non-diegetic sounds and sound affects, such as birds crowing and lights flickering.

What are the typical conventions of a thriller opening?
Camera shots/Movement/Angles
A vital convention of the thriller genre is the camera movement this is due to the fact that a varying range of camera angles generate different body language and emotions. The most typical shots used in thriller movies are close up shot and mid shots. A close up shot used in a film called Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock when tension rises after she had been stabbed in the shower scene; there is a close-up of the shower drain which cuts to her eye which indicates how ‘life had drained from her’ Furthermore it was very slow as the camera zoomed out which created a sense of tension as the audience were aware that she was dead. Camera shots, movements and angles aid facial emotions and expressions and also show body language which also aids to indicate tension and make the audience feel empathetic and to feel as though they are in the film. For example some directors use an unsteady, shaky effect. This makes the viewer’s feel as if they are in the film and to make them feel like they are the ones that are being put in that scenario; this also helps the audience connect with the character.

The style of my thriller was a horror thriller due to it consisting of elements of fear and has mental, physical and emotional aspects to it. The way in which our media product challenged forms and conventions of real media products is by assuring that there was a psychological twist to the horror thriller but also having that element of ‘horror’ to it as our group worked on bringing the ‘fear’ factor to the opening as well as having a deeper meaning behind the storyline.

The cinematography we used in our thriller opening was unique as we used a technique where it was a point of view shot from the mirror. This added to the dramatic, haunting affect as it made the audience feel as though it was up close and personal. We also used a reaction shot of the kidnapper which added to the element of suspense as the face of the kidnapper was not revealed. In terms of camerawork, we zoomed in gradually which also added to the escalating levels of suspense as the audience did not know what to expect especially as the background sound was kept the same throughout.
In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
Editing provides the film with quick cuts and cutting on action which had become evident in a number of films. For example there were 77 shots taken in the Psycho shower scene whilst the female character is being stabbed. Only 50 of these shots were used yet only consumed twenty seconds of the scene time. There was a lot of fast editing, as it shows different angles of her being stabbed. This creates a fast paced and builds up tension. Another editing skill is where they get the action to fade to black after a scene has finished, which signifies that something bad is going to happen, making the audience want to carry on watching.

My Thriller opening

Our thriller piece used a developed a thriller title called ‘Hanna’. We did this as it adds identity to the thriller and furthermore makes it more personal by adding identity. I personally found these types of titles to be very effective as it makes us as the audience ask ourselves questions like ‘who is she?’ especially if the storyline is based around a young girl who are usually represented as vulnerable and innocent. We developed this by using the full name of our character in the thriller in order to create her identity and effectively doing so by doing what all good thriller openings should do and that is giving away a hint to the story without giving the storyline away.
The sound in our thriller is kept consistent throughout. We decided to keep the sound simple by not using any music in the thriller but only having the sound of a ballerina music box. This was done to create a more haunting feel leading to a more dramatic effect on the audience. This contrasted to other thriller openings as usually there would be variation between music types and the moods in which they convey throughout the thriller in order to control the mood of the audience and become more intense as it graduates. Our thriller opening did not however use this and challenged typical conventions by doing something different to create a haunting feeling throughout.

We incorporated other forms of horror thriller convention by picking out locations from other thrillers such as ‘saw’. The location was dark, old, scary and looked as though it was abandoned. This assured a thrilling atmosphere was set in order for the theme of the genre to excel from. We wanted our audience to be intrigued but at the same time afraid as to what is going to happen next.

How we used, developed or challenged these
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