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A profile of this historical country and culture

Belinda Knott

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Greece

The Country of GREECE SPORTS MAP GEOGRAPHY/CLIMATE GOVERNMENT LANDMARKS ECONOMY PEOPLE The President is elected every 5 years by parliament......but the prime minister, who is appointed by the president, is the person who really leads the government The parliament, known as the Vouli,
has 300 members The voting age is 18 and voting is mandatory the Olympic Games began in Ancient Greece in
776 BC The Euro is the currency and has been since 1981 when Greece joined the European Union. The currency prior to 1981 was the Drachma. The major exports are wheat, corn, grapes, olives, and tobacco Most Greeks used to work as farmers, but today most people work in service industries such as tourism, education, healthcare, and government One of the world's most recognized landmarks is the Parthenon, located in the capital of Athens. It sits on a hill called the Acropolis. the Parthenon is the largest temple of
Doric architecture ever built. The ruins of the Theater of Dionysus in Athens shows how important entertainment was to the Greeks. It could hold
20,000 spectators within 64 tiers! The olympics were held in the city of Olympia as a religious
festival to honor the gods and goddesses, mainly Zeus. The original Olympic sports included a sprint, wrestling, boxing, and equestrian events the Olympic torch is always lit in Olympia, Greece
before it travels to the country hosting the games In the 2010 Winter Olympics, Greece had
7 athletes but none won any medals Soccer (football), tennis, and water sports such as
water skiing are popular sports in Greece they are a very warm, open and friendly people 98% of the population is Greek Orthodox; 1% is Muslim; and there are small groups of other Christians and Jewish the population is about 10.7 million people with
more than 3 million living in the capital city of Athens most people are ethnic Greek; minority groups include Turks, Albanians, and Roma (Gypsies) the official language is Greek, which has been
spoken for more than 3,000 years! Here are some
common Greek expressions:
* Hello Yiasou (Yah-SOO)
* Good-bye Yássu (Yah-SOO)
* Please Se Parakalo (SEH pah-rah-kah-LOW)
* Thank you Efharistó (eff-hah-rees-TOH)
* Yes Ne (neh)
* No Ochi (OH-kee) located in southeastern Europe along the Mediterranean Sea Greece has over 2,000 islands!
The largest island is Crete Greece is very mountainous so most people live
in the valleys, plains, and along the coast because of its Mediterranean climate, summers are hot
and dry while winters are mild but rainy Greece is bordered by Albania, Macedonia,
and Bulgaria to to the north, and by Turkey to the east FAMOUS PEOPLE Nia Vardalos, actress

Movie: my life is in ruins,
my big fat Greek wedding Aesop, author El Greco (The Greek), painter Maria Callas, opera singer Homer, poet Plato, philosopher Hippocrates, physician THE END! FOOD lOUKOUMATHES gREEK sALAD gYRO dOLMADES Mr. President Prime Guy
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