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Roman Art and Cultural Influences

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Catherine Q

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Roman Art and Cultural Influences

Roman Art Roman art varies from sculptures to vases, mosaics to portraits, jewelry work to cameos, but their architecture especially has influenced us today. Since the Romans liked the Grecian art style, some artists would copy Greek statues and works. The architecture of the Romans had more arches and domes than Greek architecture; an important discovery was the use of concrete. Columns were also used in Roman architecture such as in the Pantheon. Architecture of Roman Art! Contemporary Examples of Influence: This mosaic was created during ancient Roman times... while this glass mosaic named "Roman Seahorse" was made near present day by Linda Zidonik . How Roman Art Influenced Its Time Period: Ancient Roman Fashion Styles This is a famous ancient Roman hairstyle worn by women called the Flavian hairstyle. The way women did their hair was very important to the Romans as it was a way to show their status, wealth, and sense of style. Roman women often dyed their hair which also ruined it. Characteristics of Roman Art: Roman Mosaic Activity: Roman Art was developed from Greek Art and Hellenistic Art. The Romans loved the Greek art style so much that they decided to "borrow" the art style. The new ideas for architecture influenced Romans a lot because it built the foundation for a great empire. Roman art was a way of showing power and status. Domes
Grecian Style
Realistic artworks
Mythological Sculptures This is a sculpture of Tiberinus, who found the twins Romulus and Remus. This is the Colloseum. This is St. Peter's
dome. There were different togas for people of different status; for instance, married women usually wore the stola with a palla over it. People that had higher status would have togas with purple and gold stitching on them. Adult men would wear simple togas and tunicas. An aqueduct would help carry water to reservoirs. Greek Vase vs. Roman Vase The Capitol Building
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