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Miriam Tyson

on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of NORWAY

European Country Project
The capitol and language
The capitol of Norway is Olslo,

The language Norway speaks is Norwegian,Bokmal,Nynorsk
The government and economy
Norway's has a constitutional and monarch

Noway also has mixed economy
Location and Religion
Noway's religion Protestant Christianity

Norway is located next to Denmark,Sweden,Iceland,Greenland,and the UK
The education system
Norway's education system includes core curriculum for primary and aslo lower secondary,and also including upper secondary and adult education.
The Minister is responsible for implementing national educational
police.Manicipalities in Norway have been legally obliged, after and before to provide day-care facilities for children to attened to thefirst four grades.
Famous Landmass
Trolltunga:Trolltunga is a piece of rock jutting horizontally out of a mountain about 700 meters and 2,300,above the north side of the lake Ringedals Vathet.

The name translated to English is The Troll's toungue
Famouse building
Oslo Opera House:The Opera House is
the home of the Norwegian National Opera and
Ballet,and the National Opera thetre in Norway
The opera house has 1,000 rooms in total,the main
stage is 16m (52ft) wide and 40m (130ft) deep.It is the largest cultural building construced in Norway
.After a long debate Norway's legislature, decided
in 1999 t construct a new opera house in the city.
It took 2003 to 2007 to finish,it took 52 million or 4.4 million to make,and 1.3 million people had passed through the building's doors

Folk:Folk originally these historical
attainment were believed to have a
distinct christian influence.Research
continued.There was also mythical and
fairy tale connections to the folk music.Overall the purpose of folk music was for entertainment and dancing.
Halling is a folk dance traditionally performed in rural Norway.

The dance is traditionally
performed by young men at
weddings and parties
Norwgian cuisine in its traditional from is based largely on the raw materials readily available in Norway
Nordly festivalen is a festival that when
countless artist and musicans from all over the world,that visit Nordly Festivale.The Northern lights festival has each year presented top artist in generes ranging from early music to modern,from opera to jazz,from chamber music to symphonic orchestras.
Norwegian culture blossomed as effort
continued to achieve an indendent identity in the areas of literature,art and music.
This continues today in the performing arts and as a result of government support for exhibitions,culture projects and art work.
Football is the most popular sport in Norway,in terms of active membership.
The football association of Norway was founded in 1902 and the first international match was played in 1908.
5 interesting facts
1.The name "Norway" means path to the North
2.Norway has the worlds deepest underwater tunnel at 287 meters deep
3.Norway is one of the wealthiest countries in the world
4.Food prices are so high in Norway that many people travel to Sweden to buy their groceries
5.If you own a TV in Norway,you have to pay an annual fee of$300 USD.
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