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Grammer Boot Camp

No description

Berkley R

on 9 September 2012

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Transcript of Grammer Boot Camp

Grammer Boot Camp Fun Conjunctions Defenition: Conjunctions link words,phrases,and clausesin in a sentence Example: Did Clair or Charels finish cleaning the closet? F: For
A: And
N: Nor
B: But
O: Or
Y: Yet
S: So Interjections Defenition: An interjection is a word added to a sentence to convey emotion. Example:Ouch!, I pricked my finger. Pronouns Defenition:A pronoun replaces a noun in a sentence Subject Pronoun Defenition: A subject pronoun replaces a noun used as a subject of the sentence: I,You,He,She,It,We,They Object Pronoun Defenition:An object pronoun replaces a noun used after an action verb or a preposition:Me,Your,Him,Her,It,Us,Them Reflexive Pronoun Defenition:A reflexive pronoun refers back to the subject:Myself,Yourself,Himself,Herself,Itself,Ourselves,Themselves Example:We went to Applebee's for dinner. Example:She came with us to the fair. Example:I prefer chocolate ice cream myself. Adjectives Defenition:An adjective can tell what kind,which one,or how many Demonstrative Adjective Defenition:point out a specific person,place,or thing:This,That,These,and Those Example: I ate three jellybeans. Example:These notebooks belong to her. Verbs-Action Defenition:A verb is a word in the predicate that tells physical or mental action or a state of being Action Verb Defenition:An action verb tells what the subject is doing. Example:I jumped on the trampoline. Example:She is painting a picture. Linking and Helping Verbs Linking Verb Defenition:Linking verbs link a subject to a noun or an adjective that names or describes it:Is,Are,Was,Were Helping Verbs Defenition:Helping verbs come before the main verb they help state the action or show time. Example:She is my friend. Example:Arnold will paint the door tommorrow. Nouns Common Noun Defenition:A common noun names any person,place,thing,or idea. Example:The girl went to her house. Proper Noun Defenition:Names a specific person,place,thing,or idea Example:Julia went to the store. Singular Noun Defenition:Names more than one person,place,thing,or idea Example:The nurse helped the sick child. Plural Noun Defenition:Names more than one person,place,thing,or idea Example:I took the keys from my mom to open the door. Adverbs Defenition:An adverb is a word that describes a verb,adjective,or another adverb adverbs tell:How,When,Where,To what extent Example:Roger worked hard on his persuasive speech. Prepositions Defenition:A preposition names where things are in a sentence. Examples:About.above,after,against,along,among,around,at,before,behind,below,beside,between,beyond,by,down,during,for,from,in,into,like,near,of,off,on,over,through,to,toward,under,until,with,within,without. Example:The ball is behind the couch.
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