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The Causes of the Korean War

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Katy Vargas

on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of The Causes of the Korean War

Imperialism Historical Background During the 1950 and the 1953
The Cold War Era
The United States and the Soviet Union
Japan's surrender acceptance with control over Korea
North Korea and South Korea Joseph Stalin was a strong communist
Supposedly a country would advance more with communism
The Domino Theory
Once a country converts into communist, surrounding countries will soon follow Communism The Causes of the Korean War Mutual Distrust National Self Determination
Created by President Truman
The Nation needs to respect equal rights and fair equality on the freedom of a human's choice of political status.
Nation should not interfere
The Soviet Union violated the principle
July 16 to August 2, 1945 The 38th Parallel Line The overall cause was imperialism
More domination
Failed when the United States and the United Nations interfered. What Were the Causes of the Korean War? Military Imbalance Japan's surrender acceptance
Japan gives control of Korea to the Soviet Union and the United States
United States- South Korea
Soviet Union- North Korea North Korea suggested South Korea to build up their Military like them.
North Korea focused in their military
South Korea focused in their economy
Sense of militarism
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